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We have launched the new Facebook Business Extension 2.0, besides the integration of Facebook assets and products, you can also enable "Page Shop" and "Messenger Chat" function.

Once you have enabled the Page Shop, the system will base on your uploaded product catalogs and synchronize your products to Facebook Page. Customers can view your products on Facebook Page and redirect to your online shop for checkout. 

Besides, you can also enable the Messenger Chat, customer can contact you through Facebook Messenger icon on the right-hand bottom corner of your shop. One on one instant communication can improve the interaction with you and customers as well as increasing brand loyalty.



Install FBE and Manage Settings

Note: Before FBE installation, please log in to your Facebook account with the access of Facebook Manager and Facebook Page admin right. If you have not installed FBE, please follow the steps in Facebook Business Extension 2.0  for installation.
Please go to "Marketing & Tracker >> Marketing" and click "Manage settings" with a pop-up window to view the settings.EN_Step1-1-1.png


If you would like to view the assets, please check the right-hand side of the connected assets name, and click "View" for details. 



Synchronize Products to Facebook Page

This function can show a "Shop" tab on Facebook Page, by synchronizing your products from SHOPLINE to Facebook Page for exposure. Customers can view your products directly and it can redirect to your online shop for checkout.EN_Step2-0.png

Step 1: Start Set-Up

Please go to "Marketing & Tracker >> Marketing" and click "Manage settings" with a pop-up window to view the settings.EN_Step2-1-1.png

There is a pop-up window and please click "Add More Features" and view "Create a Shop on Your Page"EN_Step2-1-2.png


Step 2: Add plugin

After clicking "View", please read the instruction and press "Add Plugin" to finish the setup. Facebook will review your shop and products within 24 hours.



Step 3: Complete installation

It will show "Added" in "Add More Features" when the installation is completed.




Enable Messenger Chat 

Note: It is Suggested that log in to the Facebook account that you use to install FBE to enable the messenger chat function. 
Facebook Messenger provides Customer Chat Plugin for you to interact with your customers for instant message and communication.

Step 1: Start Setting

Go to "Marketing & Tracker >> Marketing" > Click "Manage settings"EN_Step3-1-1.png


There will be a Facebook pop-up window, please click "Add" for Messenger Chat in Connection Settings.EN_Step3-1-2.png


Step 2: Add Customer Chat Plugin

Please read the instruction and click "Add Customer Chat Plugin"



Step 3: Setup Messaging Plugin

You can set up the language, greeting messages and appearance color in Messaging Plugin, and then click "Next" to continue.EN_Step3-3.png


Step 4: Add Website Domain NameEN_Step3-4-1.png


You need to add your website domain link here, if you are using the custom domain, please fill in https://your.custom.domain; if you are using the free domain, please fill in For Example,

  • If you use the custom domain, e.g. or, 
    please fill in or
  • If you use the free domain, e.g.
    please fill in

Once you have added your domain with the "Add" button, please click "Done", close the pop-up and then refresh your backend and frontend browsers to finish the plugin installation.EN_Step3-4-2.png


Step 5: Complete Installation

In "Add More Feature" page, it shows "Added" in Chat with Customers on Your Website



The Facebook Messenger will show up in your shop frontend at the bottom right-hand corner as below.EN_Step3-5-2.png


If the customers would like to chat with you through Facebook Messenger, they have to log in with their Facebook account first. If they have already logged in to Facebook in the browser, it will automatically detect with their Facebook accounts.

Enable / Disable Messenger “Guest Mode”

Starting in August 2020, people can start chatting via the Messenger Chat Plugin in guest mode without logging into their Facebook account. This allows more users to connect you more seamlessly. 

For more information about Guest Mode, please refer to Facebook Chat Plugin.


If you would like to enable or disable Messenger Guest Mode, you could go to Facebook fan page "Page Settings >> Messaging". Then click the "Get Started" on "Add Messenger to your website".EN_Step4-2.pngYou may click the "Next" to enter the "Set Up Chat Plugin" Page. Then toggle Guest Mode on/off.EN_Step4-3.png


After all the setting process, you may click the "Done" button to finish all the work.EN_Step4-5.png



Important Notes

1. Does FBE, Page Shop, and Messenger Chat support all merchants?

Yes. This feature supports all plans for FBE, Page Shop, and Messenger Chat, but there are different limitations on FEB product synchronization:

  • Basket/Premium Plan or above: Support All Products synchronization.
  • Basic / Advanced Plan: Support 10 latest added products created in Featured Category, if there is no product in Featured Category, the system will synchronize the 10 latest added products. 

2. Why don't Messenger Chat show in the storefront after I added this function?

If you found that the Messenger Chat didn't show after you added the function, please follow the below steps to check the settings:

(1) Please log in to your Facebook Account the same as the one you set FBE, and go to your Facebook Page Settings > Page Roles and make sure you have the admin access.

(2) Go to Facebook Page Settings > General to make sure Page published in Page Visibility and everyone without Country or Age Restrictions

(3) Once you confirm the page is published, please go to SHOPLINE admin panel in "Marketing & Tracker >> Marketing >> Manage settings", add website domain name in Messaging Plugin.

(4) Once confirmed, please CLOSED the Pop Up Window of Manage settings,and refresh the page, your Messenger Chat will be shown at storefront.


3. Can I rearrange the product sequence in Page Shop?

Current Facebook does not support product sequence rearrangement or create catalogs functions ,when you upload the products to Facebook Page, the products will be randomly assigned the sequence.


4. Can I specify the product variation photo and price showing in Page Shop?

When you upload the products with variation to Facebook Page, Facebook will randomly grab one of the product variation photos and price, currently, custom product variation is not supported.


5. Why does the product price show $0 in Page Shop?

Facebook will grab the product's regular price and sale price to show in Page Shop. If your product does not set a regular price, but only a sale price, Facebook will grab $0 in Page Shop. If you would like to adjust, please go to your product setting and update the regular price. Once the product catalog is updated, Facebook will show the correct pricing.



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