Chatbot Store on Facebook Messenger (Coming Soon)

As your business grows, you may need to spend a considerable amount of time to handle increasing  customers' enquiries on a daily basis. Shoppers, especially new potential ones, always have similar questions about delivery and product details before they place their first orders.

With this feature, this kind of frequently asked questions can be handled by a bot on Messenger and shoppers' enquiries can be attended to 24/7, even outside of business hours. 

Besides, integrating Chatbot Store on Messenger can also be a new channel for product exposure. You can set up buttons to direct shoppers to browse more on your online shop; or even allow them to browse your products on Messenger directly, enjoying a simpler and smoother shopping experience. 

  1. Connect to Facebook fan page
  2. Set up Chatbot Store
  3. On Facebook Messenger for Shoppers 
  4. Default Script - Exploring Products

Pre-requisite for this feature: Connect to Facebook fan page

If you have not connected your Facebook fan page on Admin before, you should do it first following the steps below. 
If you have already connected your fan page, you can jump to here and start setting up Chatbot Stores! 

Step 1: Go to "Apps Store" and install "Facebook Integration"

This feature supports only specific plans. Applicable merchants can go to "Apps" >> "Apps Store". Find the app "Facebook Integration" and click `Install`. Then click `Go to Setting` to continue Step 2. 



Step 2: Go to "Channel Integration" page to set up 

Go to "Channel Integration" >> "Facebook" and click `Connect` to continue Step 3. 


Step 3: Log into your Facebook account 

Log into a Facebook account that contains the Facebook page you want to use to continue Step 4.


Step 4: Choose a fan page to connect 

Click `Connect` on the fan pages you would like to connect with SHOPLINE and click `OK`.


Step 5: Allow permissions 

Please keep the default permission settings, "Manage your Pages" and "Manage and access Page conversations in Messenger" should be enabled as below, and click `Done` 



You will then see this message and click `OK`.


Step 6: Choose a Facebook page to connect again

Please choose a page that you want to connect for the features, "Order Update Notification", "Broadcast Center", "Persistent Menu" and "In-chat Shopping". Click `Connect` and `OK` to finish the connection.


After successfully connect to your fan page, you can now go set up Chatbots!

1. Index Page of Chatbot Store 

You can go to 'Customer Management' > 'Chatbot Store' to enter the index page of Chatbot Store 


On the page, you can see the following information of the chatbots you created:

  1. Script name 
  2. Status of script 
  3. Channel the script is published on 
  4. Last modified time and person 

You can also perform the following actions on this page:

  1. create a new script 
  2. enter the edit page of a Quick Template
  3. enter the edit page of a created script 
  4. enter the edit page of a Default Script 
  5. delete a script 
  6. rename a script

2. Editing a Custom Script

You can click on `+ New Script` to enter the edit page of a script. 


On the edit page, you will see 2 main panels:

(i) left panel, showing the overview of this script:

  • The 'See how to call this script' section lists all the triggers of this script. 
    • (1) If this script is connected to a button on another script, the name of that script will be shown here. 
      • Clicking on the script will open the edit page of that script 
    • (2) You can also set up a range of keywords to trigger a script
      • It is suggested to set up the keywords according to your shoppers' frequently asked sentence, or you can promote the keywords of a script with Facebook posts to make sure shoppers can get precisely the information they are looking for
  • the section below is the step flow of a script, you can then have a overview look of the script, knowing this script is composed of what steps 
    • (3) First Step, as the name suggests, contains the first messages shoppers will see after they send out the keywords to trigger the script
    • (4) Attached Steps are all the other steps that are created in this script. A corresponding step-item will be created here when you add a 'Send Message' button or a 'Start another script` button

(ii) right panel, being the edit panel of steps:

  • you can edit the step name at the top to distinguish each step
    • the edited step name will be synced simultaneously to the step name on the left
  • (5) in a text template, you can add text message and at most 3 buttons that can perform different actions when shoppers press them 
  • (6) clicking on the text widget will add a text template in the step
    • you can add at most 3 templates (including other types of templates) in a single step


As you can see in the image above, there are 3 types of action a button can perform, namely

(i) Send message

  • you can create a new step by clicking the `Create new Message` area and name the step here
  • you can also choose to link the button to an existing step from the list below 
  • When shoppers click on a Message Button, they will trigger the messages in the linked step


(ii) Open Website

  • you can put a URL in a button, so that when shoppers clicks it, the website will be opened in the Messenger in-app browser 
  • you can also choose a suitable webview size of the in-app browser according to the website content; there are 3 options (i) Compact 50% (ii) Medium 70%, and (iii) Tall 90%


(iii) Start another script

  • You can also choose to link a button to an existing script, so that shoppers can enter into another script for more details about certain information 


3. Publishing a Custom Script 

Before you publish a script, make sure all the error icons are gone; it appears where the required fields are not filled. 


Once your custom script is ready-to-go, click the `Publish` button on the right top corner. Your script will then be able to be triggered on Facebook Messenger with the correct keywords. 

  • (7) There will be a status badge 'Published' shown next to the `Publish` button when the script is published successfully. 
  • (8) When your script is published, there will be a 'tool' icon next to the script name
    • clicking onto the 'tool' icon, you will see the option of 'Unpublish'; you can unpublish a script an re-publish it as you like.

4. On Facebook Messenger for Shoppers 

When shoppers send the correct keywords to your fanpage, they will successfully trigger the messages in the First Step of the script. 



5. Default Script - Exploring Products


Other than custom script, we also prepare some Default Scripts that can help with your business use case. You can set them up with just a few clicks. You can know more about it here

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