Facebook Live with SHOPLINE Live Stream Shopping Tool

Shopping directly in the Live stream? Yes! By using SHOPLINE LIVE tool, you can create your unique personalized live stream (weblink format). Now we’re going to provide you the option to connect to Facebook Live stream! To greatly increase the interaction with fans and enhance product exposure, you are only a few steps away. And let’s get started!

This provides a full live stream shopping experience, your fans can shop as they watch and keep the orders rolling in!! 

For merchants using premium plan or above, you can apply to try out this function from today onwards till 5/8. Please click the application page to apply. 

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[Coming Soon] SHOPLINE LIVE Live Stream Shopping Tool

1. Prepare and create a live stream

Step1: Create a live stream

Go to “SHOPLINE Live” and click “Create Live Stream”


Click “Live Stream from Facebook”


Step2: Set up Live Stream

Stream Name (required field): The name of this Live stream, and it will be shown to the customers (to be supported soon)

Streamer (optional): This field is for recording purposes, you can decide whether to fill in or not

Introduce what this stream is about (optional): Description of the Live stream, and it will be shown to the customers (to be supported soon)


Once you enter the live stream settings page, you can add products you want to sell during the live stream on the left section. This product list will be shown to customers during the live stream, and the customers can check on the broadcast message for keywords to simply add to the cart and buy.


All products created in the shop admin will appear in the list in the pop-up for selection (including hidden products), they can be added to the live stream by clicking "Add". You may add up to 50 products in a live session.

Products that are added into the live stream can also be removed from the selected list.

*Note: Order of the products is displayed in the order of last added to the earliest added product from top to bottom.



Added products section:

You can expand and view all products and variants in the list, check the current inventory, click the dots to edit keyword for ordering or delete the product from the list 

Keyword editing: Customers will place the order by commenting in the live stream, the system generates default keywords for each product that has been added to the list. You can also bulk add custom keywords for your Live products.

Note:Bulk Add Keyword cannot contain numbers, spaces and symbols.



If you want to edit or delete live stream related settings, click into the live stream page and click the gear icon to open the live stream info edit popup.

If you wish to update live stream info, you can directly edit the corresponding fields and click "update".

If you wish to delete this live stream, it is only available to the “Preparing” lifestream, but not an ongoing one.

* Note: Once the live stream is deleted, it cannot be revived. The link that was shared previously cannot be used too.

When you have finished the above steps, you have now successfully set up your live stream and the status of the Live stream is "preparing". Now we’re going to the Facebook integration setting. 


2. Connect with Facebook Live  

Step1: Connect the Facebook Fan Page

*Note: If this is the first time you set up a Facebook Live stream, even if you have connected your Facebook Page before, you will still need to set it up again for the lifestream service(disconnect then connect again).

Before getting started, please make sure that you are an Administrator of this Page. The following setting has to be done by the administrator account.

Go to “Channel Integration”, and click “connect” 


If you have more than one Facebook Page, please do not choose “continue with ○○○”. Instead, click “edit setting” to select the Fan Page you want to use



Choose which page you want to use


Please check if all the toggles are switched on, and click “Done”



Please click “Connect” on the Fan Page you want to connect and finish the setting

*Note: Once the page is connected, other functions such as Facebook Order Notification will also be delivered from the selected page. 


Step2: Open the Facebook Fan Page, Go Live 

You can use a computer or mobile device to start the Live stream, just click "Live"


Choose "Use Camera" and "Go Live"


Step3: Start streaming, recommend your products and reply comments

Go back to Admin > SHOPLINE Live Streaming, click "Connect To Facebook Live"


Choose the post(Live stream) you created just now, and click "Connect"

*Note: It will only show the "Ongoing" Facebook Live stream. "Scheduled" and "Preparing" Live streams are not supported at the moment.


After connecting your Facebook Live, you can see the Live stream simultaneously on SHOPLINE Live


During the streaming, streamer and your associates can manage these functions through Admin:

  • Add/remove products 
  • Click the speaker icon (will be shown in the live stream directly)
  • Reply comments (will be shown in the live stream directly)

*Since the live stream is initiated on Facebook, you will have to end the live stream on Facebook as well. Once the live stream is ended, the connection will be terminated too.



3. Live stream interface and function introduction

The interface and functions for merchants

___2020-04-21_125215.png The promotion speaker function : 

This is used to help highlight and promote a particular product during live. The name, variants, keywords and order example for the product will appear in the comment section


 *Important: You won't be able to broadcast the product if the following situation exists:

- The product is unpublished

- The product or the specific variant of the product is out of stock

- The product is a hidden product 


The Interface and functions for viewers

Viewers can place the order directly in the comment section when watching the live stream


Comment to place an order, and receive a link that redirects the page to the shopping cart 


If merchants use the promotion speaker, customers will see the keywords of the products and order information, e.g. A1, B2, Red, etc. After sending it, the customers will receive the message in their messenger with a link to the checkout page from the merchant's online store. 

Every time when a customer comments a keyword+number (quantity), the system automatically adds "number" (quantity) of the designated product into the customer's cart.

For example, customer comments A1+2, system will add 2 A1 into the cart.

Customers can add more products into the shopping cart by commenting again or change the numbers in their shopping cart

*Note: the message in the chatbox is only a preview of the order, customers will have to go to the webpage to check out the order and fill in the required information. The [Go to Checkout] button that link to the checkout page sent in the Facebook messenger will not be expired.

However, if the products in the cart are [Unpublish] or [Deleted] after customers click on the [Go to Checkout] button in Facebook messenger, customers will not be able to purchase the products.

*Note: The picture in the link that has been sent to the customers will show the original price of the product. However, when customers visit the checkout page, the price will change to the discounted price (if the merchant did set a discounted price for the product)  


Click the link "Go to Checkout" and it will redirect the page to the Shopping Cart


After the live stream finishes, customers can still watch the video and continue placing the order in the comment section within the next 7 days.





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