[Coming Soon] Smart Recommendation


Merchants can customize the list of related products shown below each product to increase customer awareness, which can in turn stimulate sales growth. 

See: Related Product Customization 

SHOPLINE has released "Smart Recommendation", a more powerful logic for generating related products.


If merchants change their related products settings to use "Smart Recommendation", SHOPLINE's recommendation engine will generate a list of related products base on order records, page view, and category data.


1. Feature overview 

Smart Recommendation automatically generates recommended products based on the following information: 

  • A customer's order records: Related products that have been historically purchased together
  • Product name; product description; product category: Products that most closely match the the current product



2. Notes

  • Smart Recommendation generates a customized selection of related products based on the past shopping behavior of a customer. Therefore, customers may see a different selection of related products when on the same product page in the same browser.  
  • Recommendations are updated daily to help the Smart Recommendation algorithm learn from a customer's shopping habits and improve the related products generated. 
  • Add-ons, Free Gifts, out-of-stock products (excluding products that have gone out of stock the same day) will not appear as related products.




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