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Besides SHOPLINE's original livestream shopping tool, you can also integrate Facebook groups into livestream, increasing the brand and product exposure and providing a more all-rounded livestream shopping experience. 

*Note: Please first confirm you have completed the integration for Facebook groups. For more information, please refer to this article

This article will cover the following:

⚠️ Before you start, please take note: 

  • If you want to use group-related features, please confirm that you are using the classic Page. Currently, stores using the new Page version will not be able to integrate with groups via the Admin. Please refer to Facebook's official note for more information regarding the new Page.
  • Proceed to the store Admin to complete the Facebook group integration. Please refer to this article for more information.

1. Create and set up a livestream

Step 1

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Social Commerce] > [SHOPLINE Live] and click Create live stream



Step 2

Select Facebook group and click Next



Step 3

Basic Settings: 

  • Stream Name (required): You can enter the campaign name of this livestream. Customers will see this name. 
  • Streamer: This is for record purposes. You can decide whether to enter or not. 
  • Stream introduction: You can introduce this stream with text, and customers will see this. 



Step 4

Advanced settings:

  • Inventory setting
  • Keyword setting
  • Messenger setting

Please refer to this article for the details of livestream advanced settings. Once setup is complete, click the Create button to create the livestream.



Step 5

Enter the livestream backstage, and click the Add live products button: 

  • Create Products: Create custom products for this livestream.
  • Select Products: Select existing products from the store to add to the livestream. 

The step for creating and adding products is the same as Facebook and Instagram livestreams.



A. Add Product

You can customize Product Image, Name, Keywords, Price, Quantity, and Product SKU. Once you have completed editing, click Continue to add the products to the livestream. 

  • Click create new line to add new products.
  • Add Quick Import to add multiple products. 



B. Select Product

Check the products you want to add to the livestream, a maximum of 500 main products can be added to each livestream.

 *Note: If a product has multiple variations, it will still be counted as one product. 



Step 6

Once you have selected your products, you can edit the keywords with the methods below: 

  1. Use "System generation" to quickly generate and apply the keywords
  2. Bulk add all field keywords
  3. Add keywords for products individually



Once you have completed the edit, click Save to add products to the livestream.



Click the ___2022-07-08___12.13.29.png icon of individual products to edit the keyword, product information, or remove the product. 



Click the ___2022-07-08___12.13.29.png icon on top of the product list to perform the following actions: 

  • Bulk edit: Bulk edit product keywords
  • Sort: Select livestream product's sorting method
  • Expand/ Collapse: Expand or collapse all product variations
  • Exports Products List



Click the Custom Message button to edit the Welcome Message, Product Recommendation Message, Add to Cart Message, and Out of Stock Message. 


*Note: Facebook group live currently does not support creating "Lucky Draw", "Leave Keyword and Get Limited Vouchers", "Bidding," and "Quick Answer" Promotions. 


New livestream settings and custom message interface

You can complete livestream related setup and custom messages on the same page. Please refer to this article for more information. 



2. How to integrate Facebook group live 

Step 1

Proceed to the Facebook Page and link the group connected to the Admin.



Step 2

Click Live video.


*Note: Please make sure you are livestreaming as a Page.



Step 3

Select to start livestream. 



Step 4

Once you have connected the video source and completed the post details, click Go live



Step 5

Return to the backstage and click Connect to Facebook Live.



Step 6

Select the livestream you just started and click Connect. Once connected, you have successfully integrated the Facebook group live.



3. Customer's comment orders

1. Customer authorization

Customers have to complete their authorization to comment keywords to add products to the cart. 

In the backstage, click the Copy authorization guide button to paste it into the comment section.

*Note: You can pin the authorization guide at the top so customers will see it once they enter the livestream. 



Invite your customers to complete authorization as instructed in the text (the following is the customer view):

Step 1

Click the link in the authorization guide and the Facebook authorization button.


Select Continue as (customer's Facebook name), then click Continue


The first step of authorization is then complete. 



Step 2

Invite the customers to return to the livestream to comment anything and complete the second step of the authorization. 

Scenario 1: When the customer leaves a comment without keywords, such as "authorization complete", the customer will receive a message in their Messenger inbox to indicate they have completed authorization. 


Scenario 2: If customers leave keyword comments, they will receive a message in their Messenger inbox about their incomplete order. 




  • The second step of the authorization will support the customer to comment in the livestream, or any group live held within 14 days.
  • If you have 2 Pages linked to 2 groups respectively, the same customer needs to authorize both groups separately; if you have 1 Page linked to 2 groups, the same customer in these 2 groups will only need to authorize once. 
  • If the customer does not complete the authorization and directly leaves a message with product keywords, the system will remind the customer to complete the authorization in the livestream. 


2. Customer's keyword comment

Once authorized, customers can comment keywords to add products to their cart. 



Customers will also receive a message in their Messenger inbox.



At the same time, you can also view the customer comment and print comment tags in the backstage.j.png



  • Due to Facebook restrictions, if you use your mobile phone to start the livestream and leave a message as the Page (the broadcaster account) with the mobile phone, the message will not appear in the backstage. The livestream on your mobile phone will only show your (the broadcaster account) comment and not the customers' comments. 
  • The livestream backstage does not support viewing livestreams in private groups.
    If you adjust the public group to a private one after the integration, please re-integrate on the Channel Integration page to avoid seeing "Video unavailable" in the backstage, as shown below.


4. Comment Management

Click the "Comment Management" icon on the left menu. 



You can view the livestream overview, performance, and comments. 

Click the Edit Cart and Create Order button on the right side of the customer comment to send shopping cart links to the customer or create orders for them. Please refer to this article to learn more about Comment Management.


  • The system does not support fetching new comments 14 days after the end of the synchronized group live. 
  • Currently, the "Contact Customer" feature is not supported on the group live comment management page.



5. Product Sales Overview

Click the "Product Overview" icon on the left of the livestream room. 



You will be able to view the product sales overview of this livestream. For more information, please refer to this article




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