-unpublish- "Mine" Component

The "Mine" component displays the entrance menu for "Order" and "Wish List".

*Note: The "Mine" component only displays the entrance menu for "Customer Order" and "Wish List". Therefore, the content of the "Mine" component in the app is not editable and merchants can only adjust the display location. If the "Wish List" function is not activated, the entrance menu will not be visible.


Edit Method 1

Select "Mine" on the homepage. When moving the cursor over the component, you will find the following buttons:


  • Click and drag theimage__1_.pngicon to move the position up and down. 
  • Click on the image__2_.png icon. The black icon means the component is displayed. When it's grey, the component will be hidden.
  • The black image__3_.png icon means you could delete the component and the grey icon means it is not deletable.


Edit Method 2

Click the image__4_.pngimage__5_.png icon in the preview area to move the component up and down.


Click Save and Update on the top right to finish editing.






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