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SHOPLINE's Smart OMO is the ultimate solution to integrate online shopping and offline service. It breaks the limit between devices, provides customers with a more integrated shopping experience, and allows merchants to capture clear information of customers, all of which benefit from the arrangement of push notifications, promotions, and campaigns.

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1. Overview of store performance

A. Store performance

Tap the Performance Overview in the left menu to view the store performance. You can select the time range at the top right of the tab. Currently, you can view the data for the past three months.

*Notes: This section is updated hourly.



Tap How is it calculated to view the data source.


  • The retail store sales are captured from the transaction data of POS + Smart OMO.
  • Online store sales are the data of online transactions (including the staff's sales from guiding customers to purchase online which attributes to the store and staff performance. Please refer to this article to learn more about Product Recommendations).




B. Individual Staff performance

Under the Performance Overview, you can view the sales performance of individual staff, which is summed up from the data recorded in the order, and sorted by sales amount. If the order has no staff data, the "Staff Name" will be left blank.

*Notes: This section is updated hourly.



2. Overview of staff performance

Tap Staff Performance to view the personal performance of the logged-in staff. You can select the time range at the top right of the tab.




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