ZeekDash Logistics Introduction and Application Process


In this article, you'll find the features of ZeekDash: 


1. Service features 

  • Support door-to-door delivery service within Hong Kong.
  • Mobile/web car ordering for point-to-point or multi-point delivery in the fastest 4 hours. Ideal for delivering urgent items, flowers, cakes, fresh food, and pets. 
  • No ordering cut-off time. You can order instant or scheduled goods and pick up door-to-door.
  • Track order status in real-time, easy manage pick up and deliver time. 
  • 24-hour service: Monday to Sunday and public holidays (orders in late night and early morning also available)

    Provide delivery on foot, by motorcycle/ van to meet different delivery needs.


2. Application process

If you have not applied for a SHOPLINE LOGISTICS monthly account, but need to use the ZeekDash service, you must first open a SHOPLINE LOGISTICS-OneShip monthly account.

SHOPLINE has integrated with the logistics management system OneShip. Merchants can import orders from SHOPLINE stores into the OneShip system to process the shipment.

Currently, the logistics services supported by OneShip include SF Express (Hong Kong), Zeek2Door, HAVI Frozen Delivery, Kerry Express (local shipping), Hongkong Post Speedpost and Hongkong Post Local CourierPost.


Application for OneShip postpaid account

  1. Please go to the link: https://marketing.oneship.io/hk/sign-up to submit your application.
  2. Merchants using a OneShip postpaid account will be charged by SHOPLINE for monthly shipping charges and monthly value-added service fees (if any). You can choose one of the following two payment methods:
    • Authorized bank account automatic transfer fee (Recommended)
    • Pay a deposit of $10,000, and the monthly bill can be paid by bank transfer/credit card (3% credit card surcharge)

Authorized bank account automatic transfer fee

Please download the attached "Direct Debit Authorization Form," fill in the form, and mail it to SHOPLINE's office address: 21/F., Nam Wo Hong Building, 148 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (Attn.: MS Team).

  • Apply as a company: Copy of Business Registration Certificate
  • Apply as an individual: Copy of the applicant's identity card + copy of bank statement in the applicant's name within the past three months
  • If you wish to use services from HAVI, please provide a copy of the Restricted Food Permit.

*Note: The bank account information filled in the Direct Debit Authorization Form must match the company or individual merchant name selected in the application form.

If the Direct Debit Authorization Form information is incorrect or incomplete, please redo it and mail the form again. You can send the form to SHOPLINE for confirmation before sending out the documents. If you have applied for other logistics services and submitted relevant documents before, please contact SHOPLINE for confirmation.

Pay a deposit of $10,000

Please obtain the company's bank account information from SHOPLINE to pay the deposit. Once we receive your documents, we will assist you with the subsequent application steps as soon as possible.


3. Shipping process

Step 1 

Click the link to log in to the ZeekDash backend, enter the store's login name and password, and enter the main page.login_EN.png



Step 2. Execute the shipment (the current interface is available in Chinese only)

A. Point-to-point delivery

Select the Express (特快) tab.



Click the + Create Order (+ 建立訂單) button at the top right of the tab.



Enter the sender, recipient and other information to create an order.




Choose from instant delivery or a custom date and time.



Select the size of the box (if there are multiple items in one order, please select the corresponding option according to the total weight and size).

Enter the delivery remarks if there is anything that the courier needs to pay special attention to. For example, "do not contact the recipient in advance for flower delivery arrangements."



Select the time to cancel the order. The system will automatically cancel the order at the time selected if no courier picks up the order.

Select the item type and any other requirements required, such as stair charges.



Click Create Order (創建訂單) after completing the above settings.

You can go to the homepage to view the created order.



Swipe the page to the far right to view the order details, track the order, cancel the order or place another order.

The freight price is subject to the monthly logistics integrated discount EDM.



B. Multi-point delivery (bulk order)

Please email logistics.hk@shoplineapp.com if you want to use the multi-point (串點) function. The Logistics Team will reply to you promptly.


4. Monthly freight

Every month, SHOPLINE will charge the store for the freight of the month based on the store's actual consumption. The final freight is subject to the ZeekDash.


5. Notes

A. Failed shipment / returned package

The courier will call the recipient around 30 minutes before arrival. If the recipient cannot be present, the courier will call again after arrival. If no one answers the door and the recipient cannot be reached, the courier will call the SHOPLINE Online Merchant Success Team to report and call the sender, and wait for further instruction from the sender.

  • Deposit at the recipient's door or at the management office.
  • The courier handles the package on their own.
  • The goods are returned to the sender or other designated place (a one-way return fee will be charged)


B. Additional fees



Where the sum of the three sides of the consignment (length + height + width) exceeds 150 cm, an additional surcharge of $75 HKD will be charged per piece. The total weight of each shipment is not more than 20 kg.

If the sum of the three sides (length + height + width) of the consignment exceeds 180 cm, an additional surcharge of $100 HKD will be charged for each piece. The total weight of each shipment is not more than 20 kg.



An additional HK$10 surcharge will be charged on Sundays or public holidays.

A stair charge of $30 HKD will be charged per floor, up to a maximum of 8 floors.


C. Area coverage

  • Zeek currently only provides home delivery services in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territories (Except for designated areas.) 
  • Designated areas: Outlying Islands and New Territories - Chek Lap Kok, Cheung Chau, Islands District, Lamma Island, Lantau Island, Mui Wo, Ngong Ping, Peng Chau, Penny's Bay, Tai O.


D. Customer service inquiry

ZeekDash customer service numner: 21212211.


6. FAQs

Q1: Does ZeekDash provide a freight collection service?

A1: Currently, no.


Q2: Does ZeekDash offer Cash On Delivery service?

A2: No.

Q3: Does ZeekDash accept batch orders?

A3: Currently, the ZeekDash batch orders can only be placed on the website. Click the + Bulk Order button at the top right of the "Express" and "Multi-point" tabs to download the Excel file, and then upload the file in the same tab.


Q4: Is there a charge for cancelling an order with ZeekDash?

A4: No charge is required if you cancel the order before the courier picks up the goods.


Q5: Does the freight of ZeekDash include the toll rate?

A5: Yes, the toll rate is included.






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