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Set up Business Data API to make up for the shortcomings of Conversion API and limitations of Facebook Pixel. It can work with Facebook Pixel to obtain more specific online store traffic and conversion data, and work with Conversion API to better FB Ads performance.  

This article will guide you:


⚠️ Before enabling the API, please complete the installation of the Facebook Business Extension. For more information, please refer to this article.


1. Enable Business Data API

Step 1

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin, click [Channel Integration] > [Facebook] on the left menu and select the Ads Marketing tab. Scroll to the "Business Data API" section at the bottom. 


Step 2

Click Update BDAPI and select your Facebook's Customer Data Delivery Tier, then click Confirm to complete the update.

Note: You can choose whether to send your customer's personal information to Facebook or limit it to the basic information of customers browsing the website. 



Once updated, an "Activated" mark will appear on the right of "Business Data API". 



2. Notes

  1. You can modify the way data is collected and shared between your online store and Facebook at any time in the "Customer Data Transfer Hierarchy" section under "Business Data API" as long as the Business Extension is connected.

  2. You can proceed to the "Manage Page" of your Facebook Page > [Insights] > [Overview] to check if all your data has been correctly sent. 
  3. If you disconnect your Business Extension, the Business Data API data will also be terminated instantly. 
  4. Once Facebook Business Extension is installed, Conversion API will be automatically enabled, and Business Data API will need to be updated manually.
  5. If your customers perform the following behaviors, the system will send Business Data API incidents to Facebook: 
    • Complete order; update order
    • Order status update
    • Complete Member registration


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