[Coming Soon] Create a Google Developer Account

Create a Google Play developer account to publish apps under your brand's name. Not only does it enhance brand ownership, but it also increases the visibility of your store, and improves SEO and ASO. Here's how you can create a Google Developer account.


Step 1

Log in to your account on this website. If you do not have a Google account, please go to this page to register a new Google account.

Step 2

Select to create a developer account for yourself (personal use) or for a business/organization.


Step 3

You have to enter the details based on your selection above (personal or business use). Please note that you will need to verify your email address and phone number. Check the box under Terms and Conditions, then click Create account and pay. 

The Google developer account is less complicated than iOS, and you can directly select "Enterprise/Organization Use".

Personal use


Enterprise/ organizational use


Step 4

Enter the payment information, then click Buy.

*Note: The one-off Google Developer Account fee is $25.



Step 5

After the payment, you will see a dialog box on the screen. Click CONTINUE REGISTRATION to continue the registration process.



After the payment is successful, fill in the developer information. If the information here is incorrect, you can modify it in the developer settings. Authentication is required after the registration. Please follow Step 6 to complete the authentication.


Step 6

After the registration is done, you may need to complete identity verification. Click on the option button to verify your identity.


Step 7

You will be redirected to a window where you can enter your name and address.


Step 8

Click Upload a Photo at the bottom of the window and upload your photo ID as required. Google will take 2 business days to verify and approve your developer account after submission.






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