[Coming Soon] Create an Apple iOS Developer Account

1. Fill in basic information

Step 1

Click this link to log in to your Apple account on the Apple Developer Account Registration page. If you do not have an Apple ID, please go to this page to create an Apple ID.



Step 2

Confirm your Apple ID and privacy, and click Continue.



Step 3

Check the box under "Terms and Conditions", then click Submit.



Step 4

You will be redirected to the Apple Developer dashboard. Click Join the Apple Developer Program to continue.



Step 5

You will be directed to the Apple Developer page, click the blue Enroll button at the top right of the page.



Step 6

Scroll down and click Get Started.



Step 7

Enter and confirm your information, then click the blue Continue button at the bottom of the page after filling in the information fields.



Step 8

Choose your entity type. The entity type is mainly a company/organization (if you have a registered company). If you do not have a registered business, or you are running a sole proprietorship, you can choose the first option "Individual / Sole Proprietorship / Sole Proprietorship".

The information required for "Individual/Sole Proprietorship/Single Person Business" and "Company/Organization" is different.


Choose the type that best suits your type, and click Continue.



2. Individual/Sole Proprietor

Step 1

After reading the terms, check the box under the legal agreement and click the blue Continue.


Step 2

Verify the details and click Buy.
*Note: The Apple Developer Account charges 99 USD annually. (Estimate HKD 799.00)


Step 3

Enter your payment information. 



Enter the billing address and click the blue Continue button. 


Step 4 

Finally, enter your information and click Continue.


After payment is complete, expect to receive an email from Apple within 48 hours asking you to activate your account. Click the link in the email and your developer account will be activated.



3. Company/Organization 



Step 1

You will see a registration list. Have a browse through it and click the blue Continue button once you are done. 



Step 2

Enter your organization details and your DUNS Number, then click the blue Continue button to continue.


*Note: If you skip the DUNs number and register with your personal information for the developer account, your name will display on the iTunes Store.


If you do not know what your "DUNS ID" is or have not applied for one, you can use this link to fill in your company information to receive an ID for free or refer to this section for further reading. 


Step 3

Enter all required information. 



Step 4

Confirm that you have permission to create a developer account on behalf of your organization, then click Continue.


The form requires a valid "Work Email". Free email domain names (@gmail, @yahoo, etc.) cannot be used.


After submitting the form you will be redirected to a confirmation page followed by a message confirming the registration process and the email used to register your ID, and *look out for verification notifications from Apple. The registration process is a confirmation process done through Apple internally which generally takes 3 to 5 working days.



After Apple completes the confirmation, you will receive another email to continue the registration process. Once everything is done, you will receive a link to the payment page.

After payment is complete, you will receive an email from Apple within 48 hours asking you to activate your account. Click the link in the email to enable it.



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