Customer Authentication


Please contact our Online Merchant Success Team to enable this feature. 

SHOPLINE provides a "Customer Authentication" feature, if you save and manage customer data in an external database/system, customers will be able to log in to the store through third-party authentication methods with information saved on other platform accounts. 



1. Install App 

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Apps] > [Apps Store], click Customer Authentication, then click the "Contact us" button to have our Online Merchant Success Team complete the installation process for you.



2. Create the "Customer Authentication" Button

Step 1

Once you have successfully installed the feature, proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Channel Integration] > [Customer Authentication]



Step 2

Click the Create button on the right-hand side. 



Step 3

Enter the "Application Name" and click Create.

*Note: "Application Name" will display above the "Login" button.



Step 4

Click the "Edit" button on the right-hand side of the "Customer Authentication" you just created.



Step 5

Fill in the relevant information and click Save

  • Application Info: Application ID/ Application Secret/ Redirect URL (Please contact our Online Merchant Success Team for integration details). 
  • Application Endpoint: Please contact our Online Merchant Success Team for integration details. 
  • Login Button Image: The display image of the login button on the storefront.



Step 6

Once you have confirmed all the information, click Publish



Once you click "Publish", the status will update to "Published". 



When customers register/login through the storefront, they can quickly register/login with the button you set up. 







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