Send Cart Link in Bulk


SHOPLINE will soon launch the "Send Cart Link in Bulk" feature. When customers make multiple comments for purchasing different products, they will receive a link that includes all the products they are going to purchase. This reduces the potential nuisance caused by multiple cart link messages and betters customers' viewing and buying experience.

In this article, you'll find:


1. Send cart links in bulk to all customers who leave comments

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Social Commerce] > [SHOPLINE Live] and click Create live stream.



Step 2

After setting up Step 1 and 2, in "Step 3: Advanced settings", select Don't send any messages under Messenger settings. EN2.png


Step 3

Complete the rest of the setup procedures. For details of setting up a live stream, please refer to this article


Step 4

During or after the live broadcast, go to the Comment Management page and click the Send cart link button.

*Note: The button will be available only when "Don't send any message" is selected for Messenger settings.



Step 5

Click Send in the pop-up window.

Sending rules:

  • The cart link will be sent to all customers who set up a shopping cart, and there is no limit on the number of customers.
  • This feature currently supports sending 10 cart links in maximum.
  • Sending shopping cart links during and after the live stream is available.

*Note: Before clicking the "Send" button, customers will not receive any cart link.



After clicking the Send button, the "Sending cart link now" reminder text will appear at the top right of the page; the "Send cart link" button will appear "sending".

*Note: The sending process will not be interrupted while refreshing the page.



After the cart links are sent successfully, the number in the "Send cart link" button will change from "0/10" to "1/10" to "2/10" and so on.



At the same time, the customer received a message via Messenger.


2. Send cart links to specific customers in bulk

Step 1

Check the boxes next to the customer's name for sending the cart link, and then click the Send cart link button.



Step 2

Click Send in the pop-up window.

Sending rules:

  • There is no limit to the number of times sending the cart link message.
  • The number of times sending cart links with this method will not be counted in the 10-time limit for Step 5 above. 
  • Sending shopping cart links during and after the live stream is available.



3. Filter customers based on cart link delivery status

On the Comment Management page, click More filters.



There are 3 cart link statuses: Sent successfully, Failed to send, and not sent yet. Check the box(es) to filter the comment(s).



4. Notes

  • If you go on live cross-posting, after clicking "Send cart link", the system will send the cart link to customers who have set up shopping carts on all Facebook Pages.
  • Currently, there is no notification or reminder text showing the failure of sending cart links. Please use the filter function to view comments that have yet to receive the cart link.
  • If no customer has set up a shopping cart yet, clicking "Send cart link" will also be counted. The number of next to the "Send cart link" button will increase by 1.






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