Return Shipments with SF Express (Cross-border)


In this article, you'll find:


1. Charges 

Depart from



Same as local shipping charge if using SF Express (Available in Chinese only)


Link (Available in Chinese only)




2. Return process for local problematic parcels

  • If the SF Express warehouse cannot scan the package after receiving it, the SF Express customer service department will directly send an email to merchants to confirm if they need to continue to send the package or return it locally.
    • The customer shall bear the freight and corresponding taxes incurred due to the re-dispatch/return of the parcel.
    • Please check their Terms and Conditions for address correction service.
  • If merchants have any questions about delivery, please contact the SF Customer Service Department (email:


3. Return process for international problematic parcels

1. Fail Delivery



2. Customer's return due to personal reasons






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