SF Express (Cross-border) Service Introduction


"SF Express Cross-border" provides dynamic logistic services. Merchants can use their point-to-point one-stop logistic solution. This feature is available for merchants using yearly plans.

This article will be covering the features of SF Express Cross-border:


1. Service feature 

  • Supports door-to-door and store delivery service in Mainland China, Macau, and Taiwan
  • Door-to-door pickup
  • SHOPLINE exclusive offer


2. How to apply

Fill in the form to enable SHOPLINE LOGISTICS logistics services through this link.

After successfully applying and enabling the feature, an account number will be sent to your email. Once the account number is received, you can set up the "SF Express Cross-border" logistic service through SHOPLINE Admin.


3. Shipping procedures

Step 1. Filter orders through shipping methods and download the order invoice



Select Delivery Method > Delivery Method is International Delivery- Taiwan (7-14 Days) to filter out the orders that meet the requirement. 



Check the order boxes then click the More Actions drop-down menu to select Export Order Report


Under "Date Range", click Selected Orders > Export then go to your registered email inbox to receive the order report.

*For Taiwan orders, starting from January 16, 2020, all personal shipments imported into Taiwan will be subject to real-name authentication. If the recipient is an individual entity and holds a local personal household registration in Taiwan, they are required to download the "EZ Way" application on their mobile phone (AndroidiOS) and complete a real-name authentication registration by binding their phone number to their identity information. Shipments without real-name authentication or confirmed authorization from the recipient will not be able to clear customs in Taiwan.

  • Please refer to the Customs Administration official website or click here.
  • You can refer to this article to set custom data fields for customers to enter their ID number. 

*When downloading the order report, please make sure to check "Custom Order Field 1 (Identity Card Number)" and then click Export.



Step 2. Execute shipment

Go to SF Express Official Website to proceed with the shipping procedure. It is recommended to use "Batch mail". You can import your downloaded order report spreadsheet by clicking Excel Import The excel template file in the "Receiver" section. 




Required fields

for the template



For orders to Taiwan, it is required to use the same Chinese name as appeared on your ID card.

Recipient Address

Complete address (District/city/county/township)

Receipient Phone Number

Required field. Must be identical to the phone number used for EZ Way.

Payment Method

Must select Credit Account or you will not be able to use the discount. 

Credit Account

Must select your SF sub-account number or you will not be able to use the discount. 

Declared Articles


Identification Type

For orders to Taiwan, it must be filled in or it will not pass through clearance.

Individual: ID number

Company: TAX ID number

*It is mandatory to select "Credit Account" for payment and fill in the SF sub-account number that you applied through SHOPLINE.




After uploading the order, you can make an appointment with the courier for pickup. 


Step 3. Prepare package

After clicking Post immediately, you can print out an e-waybill with a normal printer, thermal printer, or labeling machine, and attach it to the upper left of the package.


  • If you select door to door courier, please wait for the SF Express courier to pick up the parcel at the appointed time.
  • If you select to contact the courier or send by yourself, once the package is prepared, please call the SF Express hotline to schedule the pickup service.

SF Express Customer Service Hotline: 273 00 273. Press "2" to contact their customer service representative in English to schedule a pickup. 


Step 4. Monthly shipping rate

SHOPLINE will charge the shipping cost in the form of a monthly settlement according to the store's actual monthly consumption. The final shipping cost is subject to SF Express' Terms and Conditions of Carriage.


4. Notes

If you set the delivery fee method as "Attributable to the payer account":


  1. When the checkout amount exceeds the set total order amount, the delivery fee will be paid by the merchant.
  2. When the checkout amount is less than the set total order amount, the delivery fee will be paid by the customer. However, the delivery fee will not be paid online but on delivery. There will be a notification "You will be charged for shipping when the goods arrive." during checkout.


*Reminder: If the customer's checkout amount meets the requirements for the shop's free shipping promotion but does not reach the threshold set in SF Express shipment settings, the notification "You will be charged for shipping when the goods arrive." will still appear. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not apply SF Express as a delivery method for your free shipment promotions to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion.


5. FAQs

Q: Does SF Express (Cross-border) Service provide packaging materials, such as cardboard boxes?

A: Yes. Please contact our Merchant Success Team when needed.

Q: I will have my own login for the SF Express (Cross-border) platform, can I view my own waybill?

A: Merchants can register for an account on the official website of SF Express or on the APP. Once that is done, merchants can view all waybill information using their registered phone number.

Q: What if the order requires multiple boxes?

A: The system currently only supports one waybill per order. For orders with multiple boxes, please use the Split Order feature - Split the goods into multiple orders, then execute the shipment and print multiple waybills. Please refer to the Split Orders FAQ.

Q: Will there be additional charges for returns?

A: Yes. The cost incurred by the returned item will be paid by the shop.


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