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SHOPLINE's forthcoming "post sales feature" allows merchants to apply SHOPLINE "comment keywords + quantity order" function to non-live-streaming posts on the Facebook page!

After the customer leaves a message in the post, the system will send the shopping cart link through Messenger by detecting the keywords set up by the merchants, so that the customer can directly complete the checkout.


In this article, you'll find:


1. Add new sale post

Step 1

Go to [SHOPLINE Admin] > [Social Commerce] > [Post Sales], then click the blue Add New Sale Post button.



Step 2

Enter the name for the post sale event. Click Confirm to complete.

Note: This name is only for internal use.



Step 3

Select the products to be sold in the post.


  • Hidden price products and unpublished products cannot be selected
  • Custom product is not supported
  • You can select multiple products for sale in a single post sale at the same time. The upper limit is 500 products.



Besides selecting store products individually, you can also select products in bulk by category.



Click Add Products to add more products for sale.



Tap the icon on the right of the product to edit the product keywords or remove the product.



If you need to edit product keywords in bulk, click the Bulk edit button and check the product you want to edit, and then click Edit keywords.



Step 4

Click Edit to set the rules for placing orders with keywords. There are two ways:

  • The comment contains keywords + quantity (e.g: I want A1+1)
  • Comments only have keywords + quantity. No other text is allowed. (e.g.: A1+1)

Note: Currently, placing an order by entering only keywords is not supported.8.png


Step 5

Click Order message settings and Auto-recovery settings to edit messages and auto-reply messages respectively.


  • If you check "Do not send any message", customers will not receive any messages.
  • To customize the message content, click the Available Parameters drop-down menu to select the parameters to be copied and pasted, and paste and apply in the message field.



Step 6

Set the start and end time of the post sale. If you want this post sale to be open permanently, check "Never expire".


For example: the start time is set to 2021-09-01 12:00:00; the end time is 2021-09-30 11:00:00. Customers who leave a message during the time range can place an order.



2. Link post sales to Facebook page post

1. Created Facebook post

Click Select post which need to be connected.12.png


Select the Facebook page, then select a released or scheduled post. Click Connect this post to complete.


  • A Facebook post can only be linked to one post sales.
  • Post sales do not support live-streaming posts.
  • Posts created and scheduled using the Facebook Business plugin cannot be connected for "Scheduled" post sales.



2. Facebook post yet to be created

If you haven't created a corresponding post, you can click Copy text at the top right of the page.



Then click go to Facebook to create one. In the "Create Facebook post" window, click Go to Facebook post management



After entering the post management page, click Create Post, paste the copied post text in the "Write a post..." field and select the time when the post will be published. Then click the Share Now or Schedule Post button to successfully create a post.



After the post creation is completed, follow the steps of "Created Facebook Posts" above, and select a released or scheduled post in the Facebook page.


3. Enable post sales

Click the Enable button at the top right of the page.

Please ensure:

  1. The status of the linked Facebook post is published or scheduled (if it is scheduled post, make sure that the post sales schedule corresponds to Facebook post schedule time, so that customers can place orders successfully when the post is published).
  2. The content of the Facebook post contains the description of product keywords. This can ensure that customers can view and place an order successfully.



When this window appears, it means that post sales have been successfully created and the status will be updated to "Open".



4. Post sales comment management

Click the "Message Management" icon on the left side of the page to view customer comments and sales performance.



In the "Sales Overview" section, you can view the "Total Comment(s)", "Orders(s)", "Total Order Amount", "Unpaid" and "Unpaid Amount".



In the "Comment Management" section below, you can view all the comments, keyword order product(s), their current cart product(s) and created order(s).



You can also filter out messages through the fields above.



On the right side of each message, there are two feature buttons: "Edit Cart" and "Create Order", which can help customers edit their existing shopping carts or checkout directly.



5. End or copy post sales

Click the drop-down menu next to the "Enter" button to select Copy, End, Remove the post sales.




  • Customers can still place an order with keywords in their comments to post sales that have been removed.
  • When you copy the post for sale, you need to relink the Facebook post



6. Customer's view after making comments to Facebook post

Customers place an order by leaving comments consist of keyword + quantity to the Facebook post.

Note: The keyword can only be detected when the customer leave comments under the sales post. If there are multiple images in the post, customers will not be able to place order if they leave a comment below the image.



When merchants click the Send Cart Link button in the "Edit Cart" section, customers will receive Messenger messages simultaneously and can directly click on the link to proceed checkout.



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