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Enhance the livestream selling experience with the "Leave keyword and get limited vouchers" feature. This feature lets merchants create a livestream event for giving away a fixed number of discounts to the first people to post a keyword after an event has started, helping to boost sales and customer engagement. This feature is available to all merchants with a Social Commerce plan. 

*Note: This feature is only supports Facebook and Instagram livestreams, for Instagram Live Leave Keyword and Get Limited Vouchers related information, please refer to this article.


1. How to set up an event 

Step 1

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Social Commerce] > [SHOPLINE Live] and either create a new stream (1) or enter an existing one (2). For more information on creating a livestream, please see: SHOPLINE LIVE Live Stream Shopping Tool 



Step 2

After you have entered a livestream, click Event.



Step 3

Click on ⊕ Add. Select Leave keyword and get limited vouchers in the pop-up window.



Step 4

Enter the event's basic settings. These are all required fields.  

  1. Event Title
  2. Keyword (Customers that leave a message containing this keyword will get the discount.)
  3. Discount quota (The maximum number of viewers that can get the discount)
  4. Discount amount


  • The event keyword cannot be the same as any of the keywords used for livestream products. If you enter a keyword that is the same will cause an error message to appear (see image below): samekeyword.png
  • Event keywords cannot contain spaces or numbers. It is also not possible to specify whether the characters in a keyword are upper or lowercase. For example: If the event keyword is "win", then comments containing the keywords "Win, "WIN", and "WiN" will all be considered valid. 


Once you are happy with your settings, click Next



Step 5

Enter the event message. If these fields are left blank the default messages seen in gray will be used.  

  1. Event start message (This will be sent to all viewers telling them the event has started)
  2. Get discount message (This will be sent to viewers that successfully receive the discount)
  3. Get discount private message (This will be sent via Facebook Messenger to viewers that successfully receive the discount)
  4. Private message after clicking "Continue" (This will be sent to viewers that click the "Continue" button inside the "Get discount private message".)
  5. Event end message  (This will be sent to all viewers telling them the event has ended). 

Once you are happy with your event messages, click Create



Click the arrow next to "Available parameters" to expand the drop-down list, and select the parameters to be copied and pasted in the customized message.

For example, copy parameters like "Event Name", "Event Title" and "Winner Quota" and paste them in the box below to customize the event start message content. At the beginning of the event, your customized content will appear.




Step 6

After creating an event, the event list on the livestream page will show the event(s) that have been created successfully. Click the + icon next to the event title to expand the event details and the event messages to be sent during the event.


You can also click the three-dot button next to the event to edit, copy, or delete the event.


The information listed below will be copied when clicking Copy Activity:

  • Discount quota
  • Discount amount
  • Event message

Merchants can modify the event title and the keyword for the copied event. 



2. Starting/ running an event 

Step 1

To start an event during your livestream, click on GO next to the event entry in the "Event" list. 



Step 2

The first viewers to post a comment on your livestream with the preset keyword will receive the discount automatically, up to the specified discount quota. 



Step 3

When a viewer successfully gets a discount, it will appear in the "All Comments" list in SHOPLINE Live.



Step 4

A message will be sent to viewers that have gotten the discount via Facebook Messenger. To confirm the receipt of the discounts, the viewer will need to click on [Continue] within the conversation inside Facebook Messenger. 




Step 5

If you want to remove a discount from a viewer, you can do so in SHOPLINE Live by expanding the event and clicking Remove discount




Step 6

To promote or end an event, click on the three dots next to an event entry, and then click on either Announce Event or End Event.



3. Applying an event discount 

View from storefront 

Customers will be able to redeem the discount by using the checkout link inside Facebook Messenger. The discount will appear as a "Custom discount" on the customer's order. 


*Please note: 

  • Each customer is limited to one discount per event, regardless of how many times a correct keyword is used. 
  • If you remove the event discount, this discount will be removed from a customer’s order automatically.
  • Event discounts are applied automatically, however, merchants can manually remove them when creating an order. 
  • Event discounts will be applied automatically only when customers place orders during the livestream and go to the shopping cart. Customers who did not place orders during the livestream will not receive the event discount. 

View from Message Center

When creating an order for a customer in Message Center, the system will automatically apply any event discounts. Merchants can then choose whether to apply or remove these discounts. 



  • Regardless of whether a "leave keyword and get limited vouchers" discount is used in part or in full, the discount will no longer be valid once it is used to checkout. 
  • If this type of discount is applied when an order is created, but is then not applied or removed, it will no longer be valid after the order has been checked out. 


4. Notes 


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