Cancel Order By Customer

4.SHOPLINE_Support_EC_SC.pngCustomers that need to cancel an order due to filling out the wrong delivery address or selecting the wrong product variations can now directly cancel the order by themselves by logging in to "My Account > Orders".

Before the customers are able to cancel the orders in store front, the merchant must enable the "Cancel Order By Customer" feature in admin panel, at the same time, the order which is going to be cancelled by the customer must meet the certain conditions.

In the article, we will introduce the following topics: 



A. How to Fully Enable "Cancel Order By Customer" In Backend 

Step 1: Turn On The Main Switch “Cancel Order By Customer” in Order Settings

Go to "Settings > Order Settings”, enable “Cancel Order By Customer", and choose whether to revert credit & points once customers have successfully canceled the order. Then click “Update” to apply the setting to your store.



Step 2: Turn On The Sub Switch "Cancel Order By Customer" in Payment Options

Go to "Settings > Payment Options”,  select the Edit of the payment options, enable “Cancel Order By Customer” in the payment option, then click “Update” to finalized the setting.

*Currently the feature only supports "Custom", "Taishin Tappay", and "SinoPac Tappay".




The main switch of "Cancel Order By Customer" is in "Settings > Order Settings". When the option in Order Settings is off, although the sub-switch under those payment methods is enabled, this feature will not function in your store. 


B. Under what circumstances can customers cancel the order?

Orders can be cancelled by customers when the orders have met all the conditions as follows:


Condition 1: The order is using one of the following Payment Options 

  • Custom Payment Option: Custom payment methods, Bank Transfer (ATM), Cash on Delivery.
  • Integrated Payment Option: Taishin Tappay, SinoPac Tappay.


Condition 2: The order meets all the following status at the same time

1. For Custom Payment Option:

  • Order Status = Open
  • Payment Status = Unpaid or Paid (Payment hasn’t been captured)
  • Shipping Status = Unfulfilled (For integrated delivery order: Shipping status will be "Non-executed". )

When the order has been successfully cancelled, the Order Status will change to "Cancelled" but Payment Status and Shipping Status will not be changed.


2. For Integrated Payment Option :

  • Order Status = Open
  • Payment Status = Paid (only support payment which has been authorized but hasn’t been requested* details see note 1)
  • Shipping status = Unfulfilled ( For integrated delivery order: Shipping status will be "Non-executed".)

Since the order been successfully cancelled, the Order Status will change to "Cancelled", the Payment Status will change to "Refunded", and the Shipping Status won’t change.

Note 1
What is Payment Status "Authorized but hasn’t been captured"?
Here is an example:
When customer A purchases $100 of apples and pays by credit card. When the transaction goes through, at this stage the payment from the customer’s credit card is "authorized but hasn’t captured". The $100 will be held by the bank but not yet actually charge from customer’s credit card. Until the evening, after it is successfully charge, then the payment will be "authorized and captured". (Tappay requests payments and settles accounts every 9 pm)



Condition 3: Customer must be a member and log in to the store to cancel the order

  • Customer had logged in as the store member while placing the order 

To cancel the order, customer may go to storefront "My account> Orders> Click View >Cancel Order" to proceed the cancellation. 

  • Customer did NOT log in as a store member while placing the order

To cancel the order, customer may use the email address that used to place the order to log in to the

To cancel the order, customer may enter the email they used to place the order in "member signup" or "forgot my password” to generate the account password setting email, customer can click the link in the email to set up their member account password and complete set up the member account. Once completed setting up the member account, customer can go to "My account> Orders> Click View> Cancel Order" to proceed the order cancellation.


C. How Do Customers Cancel the Orders from the Storefront?

Customers can log in to their member account, then go to "My account> Orders", find the order they would like to cancel and click "View" to access the order detail page and proceed the order cancellation.

  1. Go to the bottom of the order details, click "Cancel Order":


2. Select the reason for the cancellation from the menu, or select "Other" and enter the reason.




3. After selecting the reason for the order cancellation, click "Cancel Order" to complete the process.

If the order status has been changed during the process, such as the delivery status changed from Unfulfilled to Shipping, or the payment has been captured from the customer’s credit card. This order will not be cancelled due to the order no longer meeting the conditions.


If the order status met all conditions, the order will be canceled. Customers can continue through to the confirmation message.

The system will execute the following actions once the cancellation confirmed.

  1. Restore inventory stock and promotion code usage.
  2. If the merchant has enabled the setting "revert credit & points after the cancellation" and the credit hasn't expired, the credit applied to the order will be reverted.
  3. The merchant and customer will receive an Email subjected as below
  • For merchant:[Customer canceled order] customer:xxx canceled order:#order number
  • For customer:[SHOPLINE] Order cancellation confirmation # order number

4. If the invoice has issued, the merchant will receive an Email [Customer canceled order- Confirm to cancel the original invoice] customer:xxx canceled order:# order number

Please note :System will not automatically cancel the original invoice when the customer cancelled the order.






D. How to check the details of cancelled order

1. The "Cancelled by Customer" tab in Orders

Go to "Order Management> Orders> Cancelled by Customer", merchant can check the list of orders which requested to cancel by customers:


Please note: If the merchant changes the status of a cancelled order to other order status, the order will not appear in "Cancelled by Customer" tab.


2. Order Details

Merchant may check the "Reason for Cancellation" in "Order Details" in each cancelled order, and the cancellation record will also be shown in "Order activities logs".




3. Order Report

While exporting the Order Report, merchant may select "Customer Cancel Reason" option to include the information in the report.




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