Brand New Operation Dashboard

SHOPLINE_All-Plan.jpgWhen logging in to the admin, the Dashboard gives you an instant overview of your store. Now, we are proud to introduce our new Dashboard interface, which makes it easier for you to manage daily operations.

The new Dashboard shows real-time indicators, such as Page Views, Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV), Order Counts, etc. You can also compare these data with the previous period, and take a quick glance at the growth of operational performance.

While the new Dashboard interface focuses on real-time tracking of store performance, you can reach out to Shoplytics for trend analysis.

We hope you enjoy the following optimizations as much as we do. Stay tuned for further updates!



Daily Operations

How's the sales performance of the day? Is there a peak hour in my store? Is the new promotions driving traffic to my site?

The Dashboard shows data and curve graphs of Order Counts, Sales, and Page Views of online stores, allowing you to find out the real-time performance of your store.


Indicate Introduction
Today's Visits Today's unique visits on the online store.
Today's GMV Total value of orders created today. "Cancelled" or "removed" orders will be included.
Today's Orders The order count of today."Cancelled" or "removed" orders will be included. All the changes happened after the order is created will be recorded at the day of the change.
🕐 All data shown is accumulated from 0:00 to current time, and updates every hour.

Note 1: The curve graphs are split into 24 parts, which corresponds to 24 hours. All data is recorded from 0:00 to 24:00, and shows from left to right.

Note 2: When clicking on "Today's Orders", you will be redirected to the "Orders" page, and only showing orders created today.

Note 3: Datas are compared with values of the same time yesterday.

🥨 Combo tips: You can also refer to "Shoplytics" for data comparison with the previous period. With datas of different date ranges, you might be able to see the bigger picture!



Member Growth In The Past 30 Days

Membership management is so important that we cannot lose sight of it on the Dashboard! The number of online store registrations allows you to follow up on the growth trend of new members.

When clicking on "Registrations in 30 days", you will be redirected to " Customer Analytics|Shoplytics". If you are an O2O / Enterprise plan user, you can refer to "Customer Advanced Analysis" for data performance of customers, shoppers, and members.


Item Introduction
a Daily trends during the past 30 days
b Daily trends of the previous period (past 60~31 days)
c Cumulative number of unique registrations in the past 30 days
d Increase/decrease of registrations comparing with the previous period (past 60~31 days)



Pending Messages and Orders

To make it easier for you to find out how many pending tasks there are, the numbers of unread messages, unfulfilled orders, and unpaid orders can be viewed on the Dashboard as well.


Item Introduction
Total Unread Message The number of unread messages. Click to enter the "Message Center" and see all unread messages.
Total Unfulfilled Orders The number of orders whose delivery status is unfulfilled, excluding canceled or removed orders. Click to enter the "Orders" page and see the unfulfilled orders.
Total Unpaid Orders The number of orders whose payment status is unpaid, excluding canceled or removed orders. Click to enter the "Orders" page and see the unpaid orders.

Note: With other filters in the "Orders" page, such as Date, Order Status etc., you can narrow the results when looking for specific orders.



Today's Top Products

If you are interested in the effect of media exposure or promotion of certain products, you can’t miss out on the Top Products on Dashboard. The top five products can be sorted according to the order counts which include the product or the product's page views on that day.

To gain insight on product performance, you can make a comparison between short and long term data from "Products|Shoplytics".


Items Introduction
Product Name Click to enter the product’s edit page.
Place Orders Click to rank the top five products with the most orders placed today.
Views Click to rank the top five products with the most viewed today.






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