Birthday Settings & Notice

By collecting customers' information such as birthday, you could design your membership program and promotions more flexibly to gain customer loyalty.

In this article, we'll introduce four main points:

- Basic Settings

- Storefront Display

- Customer Management Page Settings

- Bulk Import Customers' Information


1. Basic Settings

Merchants could find the Birthday field in "Settings" > "Customer Settings"> "Preset Field" and decide if this information is required or include in three places of their storefront:



The three places in the storefront for customers to input their birthdays:

  • Checkout Form: The page where customers' checkout.
  • Signup Form: The register page where customers sign up as members.
  • User Profile: The profile page when customers signed in your store.

Please remember to tick the Include or Required checkbox if you would like to auto assign store credits to members as gifts on their birthdays. For more information about Birthday Credits, please click here.

When one of the checkboxes mentioned above has been ticked, you could see the Age Limit setting column. The default age would be 13, you could also change it to higher numbers.

Notice: There would be an error message "Age limit should over 13 years old." to remind you when you input any age under 13 in the column.



2. Storefront Display

When the Birthday setting is done, customers could click the calendar tool on the checkout page, sign up page, or member profile page to enter their birthdays.

The calendar will show the closest date that meets the Age Limit requirement in default. For example, on Apr. 21st, 2020, when the Age Limit is 13, the default date that shows on the calendar would be Apr. 21st, 2007. Customers could not click on any dates after Apr. 21st, 2007.


If the customer enters a date that indicates he/she is under 13 directly in the blank instead of using the calendar, it could not be saved and the error message "Birthday is invalid, should over XX years old." would show after submitted.



3. Customer Management Page Settings

By clicking the "View" button in "Customer Management" > "Customers", merchants could set up the birthday data for their customers individually.


As the same as the customer enters the birthday date in the storefront. When you set up the birthday for a customer in your admin, you could click on the calendar tool, which will show the closest date that meets the Age Limit requirement you have set up. You can also enter a date directly in the blank. The birthday field could only be saved when meeting the Age Limit, otherwise, it will show an error message "Birthday is invalid, should over XX years old." to remind you.


4. Bulk Import Customers' Information

Merchants could import customers' information through "Customer Management" > "Customers" > "Import Report". Click here for detailed information.


When filling in the birthday field in the import report, the date in the sheet should meet the Age Limit requirement you have set. Otherwise, the report will not be imported successfully and it will show an error message "1 - Birthday is invalid, age should over XX years old." to inform you.




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