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Membership allows the merchant to assign registered members into different membership tiers and creates exclusive benefits for members. This serves as an incentive for customers to engage in membership campaigns and helps to acquire new customers. It also helps to retain existing customers by providing special offers, and thus increases customer loyalty.
If you want to know how to set the membership tier and upgrade condition, please refer to Set Up Membership Tier(s).

In the article, we will introduce the following topics:


1. Edit membership tier settings

After setting up the rules and offer for each membership tier, you can view the following information in the membership tier list:

Total members: The total member count in the tiers

Total exclusive products: The total number of discounted products for the Tiers

Applied Promotions: The total number of promotion that has been set up for the tiers (Membership offer for each membership tier is also counted as one of the promotion)

For how to set up exclusive products and promotions for members/Membership Tiers, please refer to this article.


You can rearrange the tier levels, or change the tier settings by clicking the More Action button and select the Edit.


Before you edit membership tier settings, please note the following:

  • If you need to edit the membership upgrade/ extension criteria, the new criteria will only apply to the members registered afterward and will not apply to the existing members. The membership tier of the existing members will only be updated when they purchase again. Please contact the Online Merchant Success Team first before making any changes.
  • To avoid conflicts, it is recommended that you made announcements about the change in the membership scheme before editing the membership upgrade/ extension criteria.
  • Please first move all the members to the "Basic" membership tier before editing the membership upgrade/ extension criteria. After setting up a new membership scheme, please contact the Online Merchant Success Team to restart the new membership tier and rearrange customers based on their Total Spend amount.
  • If you wish to delete a membership tier, the total number of members for that membership tier must be 0. Please first move the members of that membership tier to another tier or to the "Basic" tier before deletion.


Rearrange the membership tier

The Lowest membership tier is at the top of the list and the Highest membership tier is at the bottom of the list. You can arrange the tier levels by clicking the up and down icons on the left of the membership tier settings page.

Notes: When there are members in the membership tiers, changing the level of membership tiers will affect their upgrade conditions.


For example:

The original membership tier is Gold Membership (the lowest) < Silver Membership < Diamond Membership (the highest).

If you decide to rearrange Diamond Membership as the lowest level, the level will be

Diamond Membership < Gold Membership < Silver Membership.

The system will run through the customer list and upgrade people according to respective membership requirements starting from the highest level.

In this situation, customers who may qualify for the Diamond Membership may then be assigned to Silver Membership as the system starts qualifying with the highest tier requirements first.

Therefore, please be careful when you rearrange your tier levels.





2. Assigning customer(s) to different membership tier

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Customer Management] > [Customers].

1. Manually assigning one by one and changing Membership Expiry Date

Please click View to go into an individual member's information page. Click Update in the "Membership" section to edit the setting.


After changing the new membership tier, the system will pop up the notice about Membership Expiry Date editing. 

The new Membership expiry date will be today's date plus the Expiry Date of the new Membership tier.

Click Edit to edit the Membership expiry date and then click Confirm to update the setting.


1. By editing the new expiry date, you can only change to a date later than today's date or select "Never expires".

2. If the Expiry Date of the new Membership tier was set to Never expires, the expiry date will not be editable.




2. Bulk edit

Apart from editing the tiers one by one, SHOPLINE also supports bulk editing of membership tiers.

On the Customers page, you can filter customer(s) who 'Joined recently (within the last month)' or by 'Membership Tier', then check the box on the left, click Bulk actions and select Change membership tier.  (Editing the expiry date is not supported)



Click OK to confirm and apply the change(s).


If the customer isn't a member of your store, a reminder window will pop up.



3. View membership update logs

Click Activity Logs to see the logs of membership updates.




4. Check membership at the storefront

After logging in, customers can check their membership information by clicking ACCOUNT or the half-body icon.




The customer can see the membership tier, Expiry Date, and the discount of the membership tier.



Moreover, if the toggle for "Customers can view membership upgrade reminder" ([Setting] > [Customer Setting]) is on, the customers can also view membership upgrade reminder to check the next membership tier upgrade condition and the amount of expense accumulated in the Member Center.


Please refer to Membership upgrade reminder for more details.


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