Notes for Changing Domains

4.SHOPLINE_Support_EC_SC.pngA domain name is an important and unique identity for customers accessing your store.

If you would like to change the storefront domain, please note that there will be some effects on the following:

Note: If your online store uses other payment methods of SHOPLINE Payments and LINE Pay redirect payment service, no adjustment is required. For related information, please see Introduction | SHOPLINE Payments.

In this article, you'll find


1. Payment

A. ECPay/ O'Pay

- Non-Special Member: Please login to your ECpay / O'Pay panel and update the domain to make sure your service will not suspend after you change the domain.

- Special Member: Please fill in the Special Member information update form and submit it to ECPay, also provide the contact name, phone number, and email of your SHOPLINE contact to follow up.


B. Taishin Bank / Sinopac Bank: Please contact our consultant to update the new domain for you. Otherwise, the service will be suspended.


C. Apple Pay

- Stripe

Log in to your Stripe account, select Settings > Payment methods > Configure Apple Pay > Click Add new domain button to input your new shop domain, then delete the original domain.

- SHOPLINE Payment 

Click Hello, (your name) at the top right of the Admin page, and select SHOPLINE Payments Account to enter the account page. Click Set up in the "Account settings" section at the bottom right of the page.


Remove the old domain name, and click Add domain name to enter the new store website. Check the box for "Apple Pay domain name verification" and save the settings.



D. OceanPay: Please contact their consultant to update the new domain for you. Otherwise, the service will be suspended.


E. Razer Merchant Services

 Please login Razer Merchant Portal. Choose Transactions > Settings > Notification URL and Callback URL. Fill in the below domain to the field:



2. Search results are not updated immediately

Regarding the search result, it is usual that Google will take 2 weeks to 1 month to update the search result automatically after the previous data has expired. After you have changed the domain, please resubmit the updated sitemap to Google.

Please refer to the instructions here: Verify Google Search Console and Submit Sitemap

For example, the original domain is
and you wish to change the domain to

When the domain is changed, the search results will still be -> Unable to connect. This is because only the last URL displayed in the store will be applied to the SHOPLINE SSL certificate.
Since no longer has an SSL certificate, please change it to for a successful connection.


3. SEO scores will re-accumulate

Search engines determine rankings through metrics based on both domain level and page level. When you decide to switch to a new domain, you basically reset these domain metrics back to zero and lose all the credits you have previously complied with, which significantly affects your SEO ranking.


4. The domain is invalid

The original domain from all past prints, Facebook, Instagram, etc., share links with https will be invalid.

If you decide to change the domain, we suggest posting it on Facebook and other communities to inform customers that the domain has been fully updated.

If you still decide to change the domain, please do a full domain update.


5. Advertising

If you place digital advertisements, please consider pausing all ad activity prior to your domain change as it will affect the stability of your website, in turn affecting your ads. After changing the domain, you must adjust all settings to the new domain.


6. Facebook Login/ LINE Login/ Google reCAPTCHA

A. Facebook Login: If you have set up Facebook Login for Customers in your shop, please follow the instructions: Facebook Account Quick Registration / Member Login to update domain settings.

B. LINE Login: If you have set up LINE Login for Customers in your shop, please follow the instructions: LINE Login & Sign up Step 10 to copy the Callback URL to update domain settings.

C. Google reCAPTCHA: If you have set up Google reCAPTCHA on your shop, please follow the instructions: Set Up Google reCAPTCHA on Sign Up Page to apply again.


7. Tracker Settings

A. If you use tracking tools such as Google Analytics, GA4, etc.: please update the folder and property URL to collect the relevant traffic data of the new URL.

B. If you have set up a third-party domain tool ([Settings] > [Basic Settings] in the Admin): please remember to change the URL to avoid disrupting the operation of the domain tool.


8. Redirection Setting

After changing the domain, if you wish to use the original domain ( to redirect to the new domain (, then you need to set a redirection/ forwarding setting in the domain hosting platform.

Please note that before Google search results are updated, the search results for the original domain (beginning with https) can't link up to your store, because the system only supports https connection with the store's main domain. You need to wait for Google to update the search result automatically after the previous data has expired. Then the original domain starting with http ( will redirect to the new URL and display your store.


*Please note: If the original domain has a redirection/ forwarding setting, please set a 301 redirect (permanent). Serving a 301 indicates to both browsers and search engine bots that the page has moved permanently.

However, the SHOPLINE system does not support point-to-point 301 redirection/ forwarding, the rest of the product URLs will not be connected to the new product URLs due to the redirection/ forwarding settings.






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