[HKD Shop only] How to apply account and place shipping order(s) with KERRY EXPRESS


*This feature is supported in yearly plan only

KERRY EXPRESS is an outstanding logistics service provider with more than 25 years of logistics and distribution experience in Asia.  You may ship your parcels to shoppers home or office address easily using KERRY EXPRESS.

Business Registration is required for application, if you are interested in applying the service or would like to know more details, you may contact SHOPLINE Customer Success team through admin panel for further assistance. 

Once your contract had been confirmed, SHOPLINE will help to setup the deliver method at your admin panel.

* KERRY EXPRESS currently support logistic service from Hong Kong to Hong Kong only. 

This article will introduce the following:

1. How to apply KERRY EXPRESS account from SHOPLINE

Step 1: Provide required documents and your company information

To apply for KERRY EXPRESS, you only need to prepare three documents:

1. Sign the contract with your company chop
2. Business Registration copy
3. HSBC Direct Debit Authorization From (Original Copy)

Interested parties can contact SHOPLINE Customer Success team through admin panel for more details. 

We will send the documents to you and please make sure you have signed with your company chop and return to us with total 10 pages of the contract along with your Business registration copy to our Customer Success team. For the HSBC Direct Debit Authorization From, we will need the original copy being sent to our office.

Step 2: Open your KERRY EXPRESS account

After KERRY EXPRESS received and verified your application, KERRY EXPRESS will take 5-10 days to prepare your account.

Once your KERRY EXPRESS account has been created, SHOPLINE will send the login details and order processing flow by email to you, which will also setup KERRY EXPRESS delivery option at your delivery setting. You may start to use KERRY EXPRESS by clicking "Publish" at your delivery setting.

2: How to place shipping order(s) at KERRY EXPRESS

Step 1: Fill in and upload the waybill information

Please download the Excel file which will be included in the account activation email. Fill in with the shipping information and upload it to the management system of KERRY EXPRESS at:

** Login details had provided in your activation email.


Choose to upload the order information. Upload the order information excel file in the pop up window.



Please refer the below table with details of the step while completing the form. The * field are required.


Step 2: Print the Consignment note

Click "Order Management" 


Check on the Consignment note that needed to be print.


Step 3: Arrange parcel(s) pick up

There are two methods for picking up parcel(s):

1. Login to e-Shipment Platform:


** Login details had mentioned in your activation email.


At the right corner directory, click on "Web Shipper" and "Pick-up at Registered Address"  and it will direct you to the next page, fill in all relevant information and then submit;



2. You may call KERRY EXPRESS hotline at +852-3513-0888 to request the pickup.

You may track the shipping record by the shipping details as below:


3. Monthly Invoice

SHOPLINE will prepaid the delivery fee for you which will base on your actual usage to send the monthly invoice to you for settling the payment monthly. The final shipping fee will be based on the record(s) from KERRY EXPRESS. 


  • There is no limit on making order with "KERRY EXPRESS" and no additional fee will be charged;
  • The monthly invoice will be sent at end of the next month to your registered email address, if there is any amendment needed, please contact our Customer Success representative;
  • If you wish to purchase packing materials from KERRY EXPRESS, please contact our Customer Success representative.

Apply your KERRY EXPRESS delivery feature now: 

Should you have further enquiry with the feature, please contact our Customer Success representative. 




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