POS: How to add a new payment option


In addition to the default options of cash and credit card, you can also create a custom payment option for use in SHOPLINE POS in SHOPLINE Admin. 


Adding a new custom payment option

Step 1: In SHOPLINE Admin go to [Settings] > [Payment Options] > [POS]. Press [Add] to add a new payment option. The system's two default payment options, "Credit Card" and "Cash", cannot be edited or removed.  



Step 2: After pressing [Add], select [Custom] from the [Payment Type] menu. Enter the name of your custom payment option into the [Payment Name] field, and any remarks into [Payment Note].


After adding a new payment method, it will appear at the bottom of the list in the [Payment Options] menu. 


*SHOPLINE Admin does not currently support manual ordering of custom POS payment options.

After adding a new payment option, in the Check Out page in POS, press the [Refresh] button next to [Payment]. You will now be able to select the newly added payment option for your transaction.  




Editing a custom payment option 

To edit the name of a payment option, press [Edit]. 

Please note: The names of the default payment options cannot be edited. 


To delete a payment option, press [Delete]. Check the confirmation box and press [OK] to complete the process.  


View a custom payment option in POS

Staff can use a custom payment method when processing orders. They will also be able to view what custom payment type have been used in Orders and Daily Revenue.

1. Order Details



2. Daily Revenue

Select [Daily Revenue] to see a breakdown of a given day's transactions by payment type. 

Note: The payment options of Cash & Credit Card will appear by default, regardless of whether they have been used or not on a particular day. Custom payment options will only appear under [Daily Revenue] if they have been used in a transaction that day. 



View a custom payment option in SHOPLINE Admin 

1. You can change the payment method for a transaction in SHOPLINE Admin. Go to [Order Management] > [Orders] then select an order. Under [Transaction Detail] press [Edit]. 


After making the desired edits, press [Save]. 


2. The updated information will now appear under [Transaction History].








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