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In Customer Behavior: Shopping Cart, we provide "Top Checked Out Product Pairs" and "Abandoned Cart Analysis" which can show you the best products for bundling and what product has been added to cart but didn't checked out.

The data of Customer Behavior: Shopping Cart started recorded from 13 Nov 2019. There will be no data if you are checking on the report before 13 Nov 2019.

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Top Checked Out Product Pairs

The "Top Checked Out Product Pairs" will list out the top product pairs being checked out, the pairs count on main products only, while free gifts and add-on items are not included. You can base on the top product pairs as a reference to design your product combination.

We will set up thresholds on product pairs, the product pairs will not be shown if the selected period does not have enough records. EN-Step1.png

Index  Index Description
Product Pairs The number of product pairs purchased in every single order, by providing first 100 product pairs ranking.
Check Out Counts by Product The number of products being checkout.
Check Out Counts by Pair The number of product pairs being checkout.
Ratio The ratio of product pairs and total orders.
Calculation: The checkout counts by Pair / Total Orders*

* The total orders included canceled and deleted orders.



Abandoned Cart Analysis

In "Abandoned Cart Analysis", you can observe how many abandoned cart in this period, and which products are the most being abandoned, so that you can adjust your product strategy to improve the ratio of checkout._____2020-02-19___3.23.09.png

Index  Index Description
Total Abandoned Counts The number of products added to cart without checkout within 24 hours.
Total Abandoned Value The value of products in abandoned cart.
Top Abandoned Products The products being added to cart without checkout within 24 hours, will be count as abandoned products.
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