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We always hope that customers can checkout and place orders in our online shop, but actually, there are many steps before they placed orders. In different sessions, customers may depend on different factors to stay or leave, that's why sometimes they are not decided to place orders.

In order to let you know the reason why they didn't place orders eventually, we provide "Conversion" function in the shopping process. Each session shows the conversion rate and turnover rate, which can help you with the optimization of your products, advertising, design and customer relationship.

In "Customer Behavior: Conversion" reports, we provide "Shop's Page Views", "Unique Visitors" and "Conversion Funnel", which can help you to observe and compare the traffic and conversion rate in different periods, and get to know more on which session that customers are staying in the shopping process, in order to optimize their buying experience and conversion to stimulate sales.

Note: The data of "Unique Visitors" and "Conversion Funnel" in Customer Behavior: Conversion started recorded from 13 Nov 2019, there will be no data if you are checking on the report before 13 Nov 2019.

This article will introduce:



Shop's Page Views and Visitors

Through "Shop's Page Views" and "Unique Visitors", you can view the shop traffic and each unique visitor status in the period of time, as well as to analyze the data in "Conversion Funnel" for business strategy improvement.EN-Step1.png

Index  Index Description
Shop's Page Views When there is a visitor, each page view will be increased by 1 time.
E.g. Visitor view 10 pages, the shop's page view will be 10 times.
Unique Visitors The system will calculate the browser cookie to see whether it is a repeated entry. If there is the same identification code detected, it will only count 1 in a unique visitor. *

* If visitors clear the browser cache or use incognito browser to visit the shop, it will be counted as a new visitor.



Conversion Funnel and Conversion Over Time

1. Conversion Funnel

In conversion funnel, you can view each stage of the customer behavior: Visited, Shopped, Added to Cart, Reached Shopping, Reached Checkout and Checkout Completed. By showing the quantity, reached rate and turnover rate, you can use these data as a preliminary analysis for higher reached rate and conversion rate improvement.

*Note: In the Added to Cart stage, carts derived from the "+1" comments in livestream or post sales campaigns will not be included.



Index  Index Description

The period of time a user is active on your site. For example, 1 session can include multiple page views and multiple orders placed. By default, if a user is inactive for 30 minutes or more, any future activity is attributed to a new session. Users that leave your site and return within 30 minutes are counted as part of the original session.


2. Conversion Over Time

You can view different rates and trends in the below charts, and clicking on the session name to show specific data.EN-Step3.png






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