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In SHOPLINE Admin's Report & Analytics section, you can view and export inventory reports for your retail store, or stores. These reports only contain retail-store related information, and do not include information for any online stores you may have. 

In the POS section of Report Export in SHOPLINE Admin includes the following reports: Overview Analysis, Product Analysis, Period Analysis, Customer Analysis, Sales and Employee, Purchase, Sales, Inventory Report; Product Category Report; Supplier Report; Transaction Detail Report; Inventory Report; Sales Statistic Report by Period; Product Preorder Report; Transaction Detail Report (New). Customer

This article will cover how to access and export an Inventory Report for Retail Store merchants.   


Inventory Report 

The inventory report includes the current inventory levels of all products (include product variations) from all of a merchant's Retail Stores. Merchants can use the Inventory Report to search for inventory levels by store, time period, conveniently schedule Inventory Transfers or Purchase Orders. 

You can use the method(s) below to access an Inventory Report for your Retail Store.   

1) In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Reports & Analytics] > [Report Export] and go to the [POS] tab. Click on [Inventory Report]. 


2) In the Inventory Report, you can choose to view reports for a specific store or select [All Store] from the dropdown menu on the top left-hand side. Click on a column title to change the order (low-to-high or high-to-low) 


3) Click on [Search More] to filter your search by category or supplier. 


4) Finally, merchants can click [Export] to download a copy of the report in an Excel file. 









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