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Besides completing customers' checkout and viewing other stores' inventory, the POS app can also set up the shift status for each staff member. This article will guide you on how to perform staff clocking in/out with the POS app.


1. How to clock in/out

In the POS app, go to [Employee] > [Clock-in/out] and tap on the staff name. Enter the staff password to change the shift status.

*Note: You must enter the staff password to change the shift status. Please set up the password in advance while creating a new employee in the SHOPLINE Admin.IMG_0010.PNG

  • Clock-in: If Staff A is currently "Off shift," you can tap on Staff A to change the shift status.IMG_0014_2.PNG

  • Clock-in (Enter code): After you tap on Staff A, you need to insert Staff A password in the pop-up window. The system will then change the status of Staff A to "On shift."IMG_0011.PNG

  • Clock-out: If you tap on Staff B who is currently "On shift," the system will display a reminder "Don't forget to make the register shift before clocking out." If there is no need to create a register shift, tap Clock Out and enter the Staff B password.


2. Notes

  • Staff members who are off shift will not appear in the Sales list during the checkout process.
  • You must go to the SHOPLINE Admin to look up staff attendance records or to create/delete employees.
  • [Coming Soon] POS app supports clock-in/out while offline. The shift record will be updated to the attendance record in the SHOPLINE Admin once the POS app is connected to the internet.


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