POS: How to add a purchase order


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When a store employees places an order with a supplier they can use the POS APP to add a new purchase order. A purchase order allows you to record the details and quantity purchased as part of an order. When the order arrives, employees can then record the details of the products actually received for inventory purposes. 


How to create a purchase order

Step 1.

From the menu on the left-hand side in POS APP, click on [Purchase Orders] to view a record of purchase orders. 


After entering the purchase order, click on the [+] button at the top of the window to add a new purchase order. 


Products selected from the [Select Products] field on the left-hand side will be added to the [Selected] field on the right-hand side. This indicates that a product has been added to a purchase order. 


Clicking on a product entry in the [Select Products] field multiple times will increase the quantity of the item in the [Selected] field. You can also click on a product already added to the [Selected] field to open the [Enter purchased quantity.] window and manually enter the number of items purchased. Once you are done, click [OK]. 



Step 2. (This step can be skipped if you do not want to schedule a time to receive a purchase order)

Click on [Schedule received time] to confirm a time for your store to receive a purchase order. The scheduled time will appear in red at the bottom of the [Create Purchase Order] window after you select a date and press [Done]. 


The calendar date highlighted by a red circle is the current day. The calendar date highlighted by a blue circle is the date you have selected to receive the purchase order. After you have selected a date, click [Done]. 



Step 3. 

Once you have selected the products and quantities to be received, and the date the purchase order is scheduled to be received (if required), click on the [Save] to move on to the next step. 



After have finished creating a purchase order, an entry will appear in the [Purchase Order] record list with the status [New]. 


*Please note: If a product does not already exist in your store, it is not possible manually write it in directly when creating a purchase order. Merchants must first create a product in their store in order to add it to a purchase order. 


Receiving purchase orders 

In the list of Order Purchase records, find the purchase order that is being received. Click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the screen and then select [Receive] from the dropdown menu. 




A. Partially received purchase orders 

If you receive a purchase order where the actual quantity or products received is different from what was ordered, you can change the number in the "Received" column to record this in your inventory. 

Go to the [Receive Product] page. In the [Received] field, enter the product quantity actually received. To finish partially receiving the order, click on [Save].


After a purchase order has been partially received, its status in the list of purchase orders will change to [Partially received]. To edit how much of a partially received purchase order has been received, return to the menu on the right-hand side and press [Receive].  



B. Fully received purchase orders 

When the quantities actually received are the same as those ordered, you can record an order as "fully received".

To do this, enter the page for a specific purchase order and then click [Received]. The quantities in the "Received" column will now match the quantities ordered. The "Quantity" column will be updated at the same time to show that the received quantities have been added to your store's existing inventory. Click [Save] to finish the process. 

After you have fully received a purchase order its status will change to [Received]

If you need to edit the quantities received, you can click on the three dots again in the top right-hand side and select from the menu. 

*Note: After you have received a purchase order, the product quantities will not be immediately added to your store's inventory. You must select the purchase order and then click [In storage] from the drop-down menu in the top right-hand side. 


Adding products to inventory 

Select a fully received purchase order and then click on [In storage] from the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner.


After selecting the member of staff, a window will appear asking you to [Confirm in Storage]. Click [OK] to add the products received with a purchase order to your inventory.  


The status of the purchase order will now be [In Storage]. This indicates that your store's inventory levels have been updated. 


Regardless of whether a purchase order is partially or fully received, once you have made the order "In Storage" you will be unable to edit the quantities received as part of this purchase order. 

Printing purchase order labels 

After receiving a purchase order, if you have not already printed labels, you can do so directly from Purchase Order menu print labels for all of the products received. Select a purchase order, click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner and then click on [Print Label] from the dropdown menu.  








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