[HKD Shop] Alfred Smart Locker Delivery

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*This feature is supported in yearly plan only

Alfred provides smart lockers in Hong Kong to allow customers to pick up their products.

*It is now available in apps store


Storefront Checkout Flow

After setting up the Alfred account and delivery method, Alfred Smart Locker delivery option will be displayed on the checkout page. Customers can select the lockers they want to pick up and make the order.




Admin Order Confirmation

Once the order is confirmed, there is a locker code displayed in Order Details/Package Slip/Order Invoice/Order Report.

(Note: "Locker Code" is used to define the locker address, and be filled in in the delivery form in Alfred backend.)


Order Details



Package Slip



Order Invoice



Order Report


When the merchant receives the order details and is ready to deliver, the merchant can go to Alfred backend system to fill in and upload the delivery form. After that, contact Alfred to arrange to collect the products and deliver them to the selected lockers.

*For delivery issues, you may contact Alfred Smart Locker directly, please find the link below for contact details.

Whatsapp: 6450 0545 / Email: operations@alfred.delivery

Get the Alfred Smart Locker feature now: https://features.shopline.hk/alfred-elocker






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