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SHOPLINE POS can do more than just processing sales in a physical store location. It also lets you integrate transaction records, customer, inventory and sale information into the same backend system as your e-commerce store. This article will guide you through the basics of how to process a sale using SHOPLINE's POS system in a physical location.

Adding a product to the cart

Select [Checkout] from the top of the menu on the left-hand side.



Select a product from on your POS device or scan the product's barcode. It will now appear in the cart on the right-hand side. You can find a product using the search function at the top of the screen. It is possible to search for a product by product name, barcode number, SKU, tag, or supplier name. 

You can can adjust the quantity and apply any discounts by selecting the product in the cart and following the steps below. 



Applying discounts 

Merchants can either apply discounts to individual products or the order subtotal. 


To apply a one-time discount to a product, select the product in the cart and press [Add Discount] from the popup menu.

Merchants can chose between custom, percentage and cash discounts. To add a custom discount, select the discount name from the available list.  

Important note on percentage discounts: When applying a percentage discount you need to enter the remaining percentage and not the discount amount. For example, for a 20% discount please enter "80."



After confirming the discount amount, the product price in the cart will now be the original price minus the discount. The discount amount and original product are displayed above the product price.


To apply either a custom, percentage or cash discount to the Order Subtotal, select [Add Discount] from the cart menu. After selecting a discount, the discount totals will appear below the Order Subtotal. The Order Total will also be revised.  

In the example below, the merchant has applied a $50 "Cash" discount.

Please note: There is a limit of five discounts per order.  

Adding customer information 

[Add Customer] in the cart menu gives the option of either creating a new customer profile or searching for an existing one. You can search for and find an existing customer profile using either the customer's name, email or phone number. 

To remove a customer from an order, hold down on the customer entry in the cart and swipe left. 

 *If you do not add a customer to an order in POS the [Order customer details] field in [Order Management] for the same order in SHOPLINE Admin will be left blank.



Choosing a payment method 

After checking the order information is correct, click the green button at the bottom of the cart to begin the payment process. 



You will then see the following fields on the right-hand side: 
-[Sales] The member of staff making the sale. To choose a different member of staff, press the current staff member's name or the three dots on the far right.
-[Tax ID No] Press [Input Tax ID] to enter if needed. 
-[Payment] Choose between [Cash], [Credit Card], [Other] or any custom payment types you have previously added. Customers can pay using up to two different payment types. For example, if a customer does not have enough cash on them, they can pay the remainder by credit card.


1. The system will automatically use the first payment method you select for the exact amount of the order subtotal. 

You can alter the initial amount (for when a customer has paid more than the exact payment amount) by pressing the area highlighted in red below. The amount of change the customer is due is shown at the bottom, above the checkout button.

Press the green [Checkout] button to complete the payment. 


2. It is possible for a customer to use two different payment methods (for example, if they do not have enough cash and want to pay the remainder by credit card). To do this, after entering the amount for the first payment option, press [Add Payment] and then choose a second payment option to cover the balance. Press [Checkout] to complete the payment. 

In the example below, the clerk has chosen [Cash] as the initial payment option to pay $50 of a $130 subtotal. They have then selected [Credit Card] after pressing [Add Payment] to pay the remaining amount of $80.  



Adding order remarks

By pressing the icon below [Note] a clerk can quickly add order remarks for internal use. Clerks can choose to use an existing quick note template or add a new one. 


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