Hidden Product


With this feature, you can now hide a product from your store. Hidden products are still accessible via product link, so you can hide a product and provide the link to specific customer to only allow them to purchase.

will be introduced:



A. How to setup a hidden product

Step 1: Click Edit

In Products & Categories > My Products edit an existing product or create a new product



Step 2. Go to the "Settings" tab

Go to the "Settings" tab,turn on the hidden product switch.


The product need to be published to turn on the feature.


Step 3. Click the "Copy Link" button

Click the "Copy Link" button to copy the product URL. You will see "Link copied to clipboard" on the top right corner.



Step 4. Paste to pages

You can now paste the URL to your customer to purchase the product.

Step 5.  Icon indication

In product list you can see an icon to indicate the product is hidden.



  • If the product is unpublished, the link will redirect to Home page or 404 error page.
  • Hidden setting will not affect product publish/unpublish status.
  • If the product is hidden, will not display on "Product & Category" > "Categories" > "View products"



B. How the hidden setting affect the product

  • When a product is set as hidden the product will not appear anywhere in your store.
  • When a product is set to hidden, the status in the wishlist will become unavailable.




  • Hidden product can still be added to an express checkout page。
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