Shoplytics - Advanced Customer Analysis

SHOPLINE_Support-O2O_Enterprise-Plan.jpgCustomers can be converted to shoppers or members when they have more and more interactions with your shop;  In "Advanced Customer Analysis",  the analytic metrics are to show your shop's performance in each layer (customers/shoppers/members) respectively.

The metrics can help you to answer below questions:

  • Accumulated/Monthly Newly Added Total Customers vs Shoppers vs Members: Understand your shop's trend and efficiency to earn each layer of customers
  • Customer/ Shopper/ Member Source: Understand which channel earns the most of each layer of customers
  • Shopper Segment: Identify shop's loyal customers and inactive customers who have high chances to leave the shop
  •  Member Purchase Record: Identify the most valuable member tier

Study this page can help you to fully catch the source and purchase pattern of each customer layer, and optimize your strategy to manage  the customers.


Advanced Customer Analysis - Metrics Definition

Metric Definition
Customer The unique customer counts who have interaction records with the shop, including create orders, send messages, register for membership, etc.
Shopper The unique customer counts who create orders
Member The customer counts who register for membership
Customer Conversion Rate Shopper/ Customer; the percentage of customers who have created orders 
Shopper Segment Segment shoppers based on their valid purchase record (exclude cancelled/removed orders):
1. By the purchase counts: split into one-time and repeated shoppers 
2. By the purchase frequency and recency: split into loyal shoppers, inactive shoppers and normal shoppers






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