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Customers can be converted to shoppers or members when they have more and more interactions with your shop. In "Advanced Customer Analysis",  the analytic metrics can show your shop's performance in each layer (customers/shoppers/members) respectively.

*Please use PC / tablet to access Shoplytics. Currently, mobile device browsing is not supported.

Accumulated Total Customers, Customer Conversion and Source

In Customers: Advanced Customer Analysis, you can view the comparison between Accumulated Total Customers, Shoppers and Members by accumulated / Monthly data. You can also select a different time range on the top right corner.

Customers Conversion Rate can let you know the ratio of the customers in the selected time range, as well as the source from online, retail or import from admin.


Index Index Description
Number of Customer

All action within the shop for non-repeated customers, e.g. purchased, sign up as member, contact box function.*

Number of Shopper

All orders for non-repeated customers. *

Number of Member All registered members in the shop. *
Customers Conversion Rate Number of Shoppers ÷ Number of Customers
For E.g. There are 100 customers in the selected time range, 30 of them have purchased, the customer conversion rate is 30%.

* Number of Customers included all deleted customers and members.

Customer Age & Gender

This chart can show you the customers who have filled in the age and gender for analysis, you can enable this function in admin panel > Settings > Customer Settings > Preset Fields, please refer to Collect Customer's Data Details



Order Channel and Shopper Segment 

The below analysis shows the first-order channel of customers, as well as the shopper segment.

"The Shopper Segment" shows the shoppers with at least 1 order, which can help you to know the loyal shoppers and the high possibility of losing shoppers. This chart support report excels for analysis. 


Index Index Description
Cancel Order Shoppers Shopper only has canceled order records
One-time Shoppers One-time shopper purchase 
Repeated Shoppers Multi-time shopper purchase
Loyal Shoppers Shopper has placed orders within 90 days, and his lifetime valid order count is higher than shop's average orders per shopper. *
Inactive Shoppers Shopper didn't placed orders within 180 days
Normal Shoppers Shoppers except for loyal and inactive shoppers

* The valid orders counts all shoppers' order (excluded canceled orders)

Member Tier Analysis

The Member Tier Analysis can show the member register channel, purchase status and member tier summary. Besides, you can click the export button for "No Purchase Record Member Counts" and "Member Tier Summary".



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