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The most concern when customer checkout is the options of shipping and payment. In "Orders", you can not only understand shop's total orders and sales, but also observe other three dimensions, such as "Payment Method", "Delivery Method" and "CVS Analysis". By understanding payment and delivery method distribution, you can get the important information of customer pickup status after products arrive at convenience store.



Orders - Metrics Definition



Average Orders per Day

Total Orders ÷ Days of selected time range

Average Order Value

Total Sales ÷ Total Orders

Total Orders

Total orders created, and excludes the orders with order status "cancelled" or "removed"; all the changes happened after the order is created will be recorded at the day of the change

Gross Orders

Total orders created, cancelled orders will not affect gross orders

Total Cancelled Orders

Number of orders of which order status is cancelled

Total Sales

The sales amount from Total Orders, which includes product revenue/discount amount/delivery fee...etc; is the amount customer ultimately pays

Gross Merchandise Value

Total value of created orders, cancelled order value will not affect GMV

Total Cancelled Value

Total value of cancelled orders

Payment Method Distribution

Payment method used count and ratio in the select period

Delivery Method Distribution

Delivery method used count and ratio in the select period

CVS Analysis (Taiwan merchants only)

Orders checkout in the days of selected time range, and the order delivery method is CVS cash on delivery

Non picked up rate = non picked up orders ÷ (non picked up orders + picked up orders)

Average Pickup Days = Total order picked up days ÷ picked up orders


1.CVS Analysis calculation condition based on orders payment method are chosen 'Cash on Delivery'.


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