Apps Store


In order to display the featured functions for merchants to use, we have the best place to display in the SHOPLINE Admin - the Apps Store. 

Merchants can discover different features in the apps store, and install the apps they'll love so that can enhance the diversity of the functions in their stores.



1. Features Included in the plan


i.  Apps that are Installable

Merchants can select the app, and click to install it. 


After installation is completed, they can click Go to Setting and redirect to the setup page and use the feature on their stores.



ii.  Apps that have already been included in the plan

No Installation is required. Merchants can enjoy the feature once they are in the plan.
(Since the feature is included in the plan, it does not allow to uninstall.)


iii. Apps which require to contact Online Merchant Success Team for setup

Merchants can contact SHOPLINE by intercom for the setup. Once the setup is completed, they can use the feature on their stores.



2. Features Available After Upgrade

Merchants may find that some apps in this section they'll love to have. They can just click on the "Upgrade Button" and redirect to my plan page for the upgrade process. After the upgrade is completed, they can use the available features in their stores.



3. My Apps page

Merchants can find the features which have been installed here


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