SHOPLINE_All-Plan.jpgIn "Overview", you can check key operating metrics including "Total Sales", "Total Orders", "Total Customer"..etc; and you can understand your shop's performance more via selecting specific analysis range and utilizing the comparison function.

For example, the metrics can help you answer below questions:

  • Comparing with last year, is there any significant growth of last month's sales?

  • You have done one major marketing campaign for new customers last week, if that helps to grow your customer base as expected?

  • The sales amount of your top selling products, and if there's needs to increase the inventory of certain products?

The Overview page will give you the most key metrics and the insights into your shop's performance, and thus help you to adjust/revise your overall business strategy and day in day out operating methods.



Overview - Metrics Definition

Metric Definition
Total Sales The sales amount from Total Orders, which includes product revenue/discount amount/delivery fee...etc; is the amount customer ultimately pays
Gross Merchandise Value Total value of created orders, cancelled order value will not affect GMV
Total Orders Total orders created, and excludes the orders with order status "cancelled" or "removed"; all the changes happened after the order is created will be recorded at the day of the change
Gross Orders Total orders created, cancelled orders will not affect gross orders
Average Order Value Total Sales ÷ Total Orders
Total Shoppers  The unique customer counts who create orders during selected time range; Total Shoppers is not necessarily the sum of Shoppers Over Time. For example, if the time range is 1/1-1/5; and Customer A has made orders on 1/1 and 1/3, then there will be +1 shopper count on 1/1 and 1/3 respectively; but the Total Shopper will be only +1. 
Returning Shopper Rate Returning Shoppers ÷ Total Shoppers
Top 10 Products Sold Ordered by the quantity sold of each product



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