SHOPLINE Kiosk O2O Membership Tool


SHOPLINE Kiosk integrates order and membership data of online and retail store. It helps boost sales and grow membership, creating a 360-degree shopping experience.Introduction:


Kiosk recommends device type: iPad (5th gen.), iPad (6th gen.), iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 9.7″

iOS supported version: up to iOS 10.0


Staff Setting for Kiosk Access Right

Owner account will be automatically with the permission to access Kiosk. If you want to assign staff to access kiosk, please go through the following steps:

Step 1. Go to Admin > Setting > Permission & Security


Step 2. Click "Add" to create new staff account

Step 3. Click " Kiosk Access Right" TAB 

check the boxes of the retail stores under "Kiosk Access Right" TAB  and click "Update" to assign the access right for this staff account.

After completed the above step, staff will get the password setup email used for Admin & Kiosk login.



Theme Setting for Kiosk Branding

Step 1. Go to Admin > Retail Store > Kiosk Device Setting



Step 2. Upload image for Banner, LOGO and set your Theme Color.

  1. Banner : We allow upload up to 10 images in JPG format, recommended image size to be 1060 x 1440 pixel
  2. LOGO: We allow upload 1 image in JPG/PNG format, recommended image size to be 200 x 800 pixel
  3. Theme Color: input your theme color code (default color : #4A90E2)
    Note: For white text readability, You had better use dark theme color instead of light theme color.
  4. Remember to click "Update" to saved the setting.


Kiosk will display carousel banners in the order of your uploading images.
Logo will be on the upper right side of the landing page and buttons will display in theme color.


If you want to allow staff to edit Kiosk setting, you can go to "Admin > Setting > Permission & Security > Edit Staff Permission"

check "Kiosk Setting" under the "Admin Access Rights" TAB and click "Update" to assign access.


Start to use Kiosk

Step 1. Login

Login Kiosk with the account and password which setup in admin previously.


Step 2. Setup PIN Code

Staff need to setup PIN Code at the first time he login Kiosk. The PIN Code will be used to lock the staff function in Kiosk.


Step 3. Pick the retail store

Pick the retail store you are going to login. This page will only show the stores which you have permission.



Kiosk Interface Introduction

  1. When customers using Kiosk, they can switch the bottom left dots to view carousel banner.
  2. Customer can change language on the top middle of landing page. We offer Chinese and English currently.
  3. Customer can click icon to change "International calling code" for mobile phone signup.
  4. We offer two way (Email/Mobile) to signup via Kiosk. 




Customer Signup via Kiosk

Customer input mobile number and click "OK", Kiosk will direct to signup page

  • First toggle is for customer to accept marketing
  • Second toggle is for customer to agree member policy
  • Customer can click "Term & Condition" for more detail of member policy
  • Customer can click "Update Phone" if he input wrong mobile number and would like to change it


After customer switch the second toggle to agree member policy, he has successfully signup as a member and system will send sms notification to ask member to verify mobile and setup password.

Please Note:
If you turn ON the Welcome Credit/Birthday Credit setting in "Admin> Customer Management > Store Credit", the customer signup via Kiosk can also get Welcome Credit/Birthday Credit.



F. Staff function in Kiosk

In oder to pretend customers from using the staff function, there are two hidden buttons on the bottom right corner of the page. (refer to the red & blue marks in the screenshot below)

  • Red hidden button is for Add Purchase Amount Function
  • Blue hidden button is for Kiosk Setting Function


1. Add Purchase Amount

  • Step 1. When Staff press red hidden button, PIN code popup for unlock the function.
  • Step 2. After input correct PIN code, the numpad will appear from the right side. Staff can input customer purchase amount and click "OK".
  • Step 3. Click "Confirm" to complete the step. System will notify you if customer purchase amount added successfully.


These retail orders will be shown in "ADMIN > Order Management > Order" and you can find out which store the order created from and whom the order belongs to in order detail.

Please Note:

  • If you turn ON the Order Reward Credit setting in "Admin> Customer Management > Store Credit", customer added purchase amount via Kiosk can also get the order reward credit with same condition.



2. Kiosk Setting

  • Step 1. When staff press the blue hidden button, PIN code popup for unlock the staff function.
  • Step 2. After input correct PIN code, the dialog of kiosk setting shown.


Function 1: Lock Screen

  • If turn ON the toggle, staff need to input PIN code every time they press the hidden button
  • If turn OFF the toggle, staff DONOT need to input PIN code when they press the hidden button

Function 2: Change Login Store

  • staff can change current login stores which he has access rights.

Function 3: Change PIN Code

  • Change PIN Code
    Step 1. input the original PIN
    Step 2. input the new PIN
  • Forgot PIN Code
    Step 1. press "forgot PIN code"
    Step 2. input password for Kiosk login
    Step 3. input the new PIN

Function 4: Logout






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