Create Order in Admin

1.SHOPLINE_Support_e-Commerce.pngIn order to enhance the flexibility of order operations, SHOPLINE has released feature “create orders in the admin panel”.

Creating order in admin currently only supports non-integrated payment and shipping methods.

  • "Non-integrated " shipping method: Delivery > Others or Custom.
  • "Non-integrated " payment method: Custom or Cash on Delivery or Bank Transfer / ATM.



A. How to create order in admin

Step 1

  • Go to "Orders" > Click "More Actions" at the top right and select "Create Order".
  • If there is any "non-integrated " payment and delivery method in your shop, you can go to “create order” page.

Step 2 

Fill in customer detail : 

  • Click "Select Customer" to select the existing customers of your shop: in the pop-up window, you can search customer by keyword, select one, and click OK to complete adding order customer.

Note: If the selected customer is in blacklist, the order cannot be created.



  • Click "New Customer" to create a new customer:Customer name, email, and phone are required, and you can also creating member for this customer via ticking checkbox “add as member” .


Step 3

Adding products for the order:

  • Clicking “select products” to select existing products of shop; you can adjust quantity and variation after adding them in.
    (You can add in unpublished products as well.)

  • When you add product(s) in the order, you can check order subtotal and total at the right side which is calculated simultaneously.

  • You can click “Custom Item” to add any custom item by filling in item name, quantity, and unit price.
    You can input $0 for custom item; customer item is for this order only, so it will not be created as a shop product, and inventory will not be tracked either.
  • [Next phase] You can click “Custom Discount” to apply any custom discount by filling in discount name and discount total.


Step 4

Fill in delivery detail :

  • Selecting shipping destination, choosing delivery method, and filling in delivery detail in this section.
    (If order customer has saved delivery address, you can just pick one of them.)

  • If there is any delivery fee in selected delivery method, you’ll see delivery fee and order total which is calculated simultaneously at the right side.



Step 5

  • Select payment method: you can select one non-integrated payment method from drop down list.
  • If there is invoice service integrated, you can choose an invoice type for manual order.


  • If there is any payment fee in selected payment method, you’ll see payment fee and order total which is calculated simultaneously at the right side.

Step 6

  • Add custom discount: you can apply one customize discount to the order by clicking on the “Add Discount” button


  • Enter the "Discount name" and "Discount amount", then click save button to create custom discount.


  • You can delete or edit custom discount by clicking on “ ✕ “, to delete the original one and build a new custom discount.


Step 7

  • Check order details again, and click “Create Order” at the bottom right to complete order creation.
  • If you need to notify order customer for order creation, you can tick checkbox “Send Order Confirmed Email to Customer”.



B. After order is created

  • Order notification email will be sent to customer email address after order is created if “Send Order Confirmed Email to Customer” is checked when creating order.


  • Account set-up email will be sent to customer email address after order is created if “Add as Member” is checked when creating order.
    (Welcome credits will be given to customer along with notification email if you has enabled it in store credit setting.)

  • You will be redirected to order page to check order detail and action log of order creation, including executor and creation time.


  • In order index page, you can filter order by “order from” as you need:
    Example: you can find orders which is created in admin by clicking additional filters > order from > Admin Panel.



  • You Can add, edit, or delete custom discount at  [Order Management > Orders > Order Detail] by clicking the “Edit” button at the top right of “Product Details” section




C. Limitation of order creation in admin

  1. Creating order in admin cannot apply integrated payment and delivery methods for this phase.
  2. Currently no promotion will be automatically applied to orders created by admin, but you can add custom discount for the order created by admin.
  3. Add-on item and free gift cannot be added in order.
    (It can be fulfilled by adding custom item with custom price in next phase.)


D. Order report adjustment

Now we have launched creating order in admin function, column “order from” is added in order report:

  • If order is created in admin, order from is “admin”.
  • If order is created in storefront, order from is “storefront”.

You can select this column as you need for order operation!



E. Permission of Creating Order

All the shop owner with main account can use this function, and you can set permission to other staff account, to set the staff permission: Admin Panel > Staff Settings > Edit Staff Permissions > Order Settings > Create Order.

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