Facebook Pixel Advanced Matching



SHOPLINE provides user data matching to Facebook pixel to allow merchants to perform advanced matching in Facebook platform. Using automatic advanced matching, merchants will be able to accurately attribute conversions and increase merchants' audience size to drive better results from Facebook ads.


Benefits of Facebook Pixel Advanced Matching

Automatic advanced matching can improve the performance of Facebook ads by increasing custom audience size and it can help to better measure the efficacy of ad campaigns by capturing more attributed conversions:

  • Increase custom audience size: Custom audiences enable targeting people who have interacted with merchants' website. With more customer-provided data, Facebook will be able to better match these website visitors to people on Facebook and increase the size of custom audience.
  • Increase the number of attributed conversions: Additional customer data allows Facebook to connect more of the conversions that happen on merchants' website to people on Facebook. With this information, merchants will have a more complete picture of the impact of Facebook ads on website purchases and other conversions.

if you want to know more about this feature you please refer this article: Get more out of pixel with automatic advanced matching


Turn on Facebook Pixel Advanced Matching

1. Go to Events Manager and select your pixel, and click detail


2. Go to the Settings tab.


3. Under the Details section, select Automatic Advanced Matching

4. Select the specific data that you want to send from your website.

*SHOPLINE allows merchants to send email addresses and phone numbers for this feature.


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