Connect with LINE@



The following are steps of connecting with your LINE@ account:

Please make sure you have activated a LINE account with Basic+(API) plan , if not , you can follow the below steps and go to upgrage your account in step 6.

Step 1: Go to "Channel Intergration"> "LINE"> Click "connect" button.


Step 2: Go to "LINE developer" 


Step 3:Click "Message API" > Click "Start now" >  Login with your LINE account or business account.



Step 4:Create new Provider named shopline (lower case characters must be used).

note : If you already setup LINE Login & Sign up , please skip step 4 and select SHOPLINE provider you previously created.

Step 5:Setup your App icon ,name and description.



Step 6:Select "Basic+(API)" Plan > Click "Confirm" button.

Note: if your LINE@ account have not been upgraded to Basic+(API), you can select "Free" Plan first and follow Step 8 to upgrade your account. 


Step 7 : Check "LINE Developers Agreement" > Click "Create".


Step 8:Enter your Message API channel created in the previous step

> Go Available features to confirm the REPLY_MESSAGE function is available for you

> Make sure your plan is Basic + (API).

*If not , please click "Change plan" to upgrade your account.



Step 9 : Go up on the page to find Channel ID and Channel Secret, copy and paste them back into the field below.


Step 10: Go down the page to find Channel access token (long-lived).

> Click "Issue" button and select 0hrs. Token information will then be generated.

> Paste Token information back into the field below.




Step 11:Find Use webhooks and then click on Edit, and change it to Enabled.

> Copy the Webhook URL on Step 4 of SHOPLINE admin pannel

> Paste it to Webhook URL (Requires SSL) on LINE Developers page

> Click "update" button.




Step 12 : Validate Webhook URL successfully

After Step 11 , Click "Verify" button

> Webhook URL is successfully validated when you see the word Success.


Step 13 : Disable Auto-Reply Messages

To use 1 by 1 chat, we need to disable the auto-reply functions.

> Find Auto-reply messages > Click "Edit" button and change it to Disabled.



Step 14:Create LINE Login Channel so that customers can subscribe to your LINE@.

Note: If you have already enabled "LINE Login & Sign up" feature , you can skip this step and step 16 to step 18.

> Click your Provider on the menu on the left

> Click Create new channel

> Click "LINE Login"

Setup your App icon , name and description

> Select "Use WEB[WEB]" and "Use NATIVE_APP[Native_APP]" in App type.


Step 15:Enter your LINE Login channel created in the previous step

> Go down the page to find Channel ID and Channel Secret, copy and paste them back into the field below.

> Find App type and make sure "NATIVE_APP" and "WEB" are setup

> Click on the Edit button in “Bot linked to this channel”

> Choose your Message API Channel and click the Update button

> Copy and paste the showing LINE@ ID into the field blow.



Step 16:To Provide for Email Permission

Find the OpenID Connect at bottom

> Click "Submit" button near the Email: Unapplied.

> Fill all the fields needed and upload the store logo image to submit.




Step 17:Update Callback URL

Go onto the APP Settings tab and go to the Callback URL section at the bottom

> Click Edit , paste the URL and update the setting.







Step 18:Publish your LINE Login Channel

Click the "Developing" button on the top right corner on the same page.

> Click "Publish" on the confirmation window

> The Developing status button will then become "Published". 

Note: If you would like to un-publish the channel, you will have to delete this channel.





Step 19 : Complete LINE connection setting by clicking the "Connect" button on the down right corner

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