Multiple Channel Inventory - Shopee store inventory Integration


*This function is designed for Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Taiwan Merchant. If you wish to activate this function, please contact us through chat after obtaining your shop ID from Shopee. 

[Multiple channel inventory] function is able to assist sellers to manage the inventory of shopee and webstore at the same time by updating inventory from Shopline. Seller is able to manage the inventory from different paths at the same time to achieve a multiple managing system. All Premium users are able to apply this function upon inquiry.


Introducing the steps of integrating Shopee inventory through [Multiple Channel Inventory] settings as below:


A.How to activate Shopee inventory integration?

Please log in Shopee through the link below to authorize Shopline reads your information:Click here to connect Shopee

Please fill in Shopee account, password and choose your country/region.


After enter verification code, please click “Yes” on the authorization page.


Once authorization completed, your screen will auto direct to SHOPLINE homepage, please copy the numeric id behind url link “shop_id=”, then contact us through chat.





B.How to set up for Shopline to obtain Shopee’s product inventory?

First, you will need to set up your product SKU as our system will integrate product information using SKU. Hence, please use same SKU for same products on both platforms and do not repeat SKU for different products.


SHOPLINE SKU settings:

Go to Products and Categories > My Products > click “edit” on a specific product, click on [Quantity and pricing] to enter product SKU.



*If there are many variations for a product, please do not repeat the SKU for each variation.



Despite editing SKU of single product, you can edit products and variations SKU in bulk using [bulk import/update], for more information please read: bulks update products


Shopee Product SKU settings:

Go to Seller Centre > My products > click “edit” on the specific product >scroll down to “Other” to fill in your product SKU (Please fill in product SKU in “variation information” if there are many variations). Please note that the SKU of your products in Shopee must be the same as SHOPLINE.




C.How to check Shopee inventory through Shopline backend?

Please go to Shop and categories > Stock Inventory, click on “multiple channel inventory”.


You will be able to check your product(s) inventory if it is publishing in your Shopee shop and having the same SKU in SHOPLINE.

System will update Shopee’s inventory every one hour and the “most recent refreshing time” is shown at the top left of the page.


If the product SKU is not linked with Shopee product, the column of "Shopee product ID" will show as blank and the most recent refreshing time will not be shown too.



If an SKU is linked to more than one product in Shopee, an error message will show at the top of the page and there will be Exclamation mark “!” showing at Shopee item id, total quantity and Shopee quantity column. Therefore, please ensure every SKU from each product and correctly updated in Shopee and Shopline.



If you wish to confirm product details from Shopee backend, please log in to Shopee and add  “ /product ” and SKU at the end of shopee backend url.




D.How to manage Shopline and Shopee’s product inventory at the same time?

Click on the top right “edit inventory”.



Most recent inventory will be shown at “Total inventory” after any of Shopline's or Shopee’s inventory amended.



For more information of inventory management introduction, please read: inventory management


After clicking on “Save changes” at the top right of the page, a notification will show at the top right page informing inventory changes from Shopline will be updated to Shopee. It may take a longer time if there is too much information to update.


Reminder: we are using [add/minus quantity] concept to update Shopee inventory instead of update the new volume of inventory. (eg: if a product in Shopline showing current shopee inventory as 30 and seller changed it to 20, meanings the total inventory has deducted 10. If transaction of 5 items happened at the same time at shopee, even seller deducted 10 stock from Shopline to Shopee, the current inventory will be updated as 15. 


If you are interested to use this function, please contact us through chat after obtaining your shop ID from Shopee. 

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