How to use Broadcast Center


Broadcast Center is SHOPLINE's new customer management feature, allowing merchants to broadcast a variety of messages to large amount of target customer audience. Merchants can utilize this function as a means of marketing, promotion and customer communication.

* You can get the feature in Apps Store

We will introduce:


How to create a broadcast message

Step 1

Go to “Customer Management” > “Broadcast Center” , you will see a listing page, showing all the broadcast message that you have created


Step 2

Clicking “New Message”, you will see 3 options of message channel, please choose the channel you intend to use

Note: Not all customers are able to receive messages via all channels.

  • Facebook Messenger: customers who have agreed to receive shop updates and promotions & subscribed to Facebook notification by: 
    • ticking the following checkbox during checkout process


    • ticking the following checkbox in member center



  • Email: customers who have agreed to receive shop updates and promotions & whose account is registered with email or have updated email address in their account
  • SMS: customers who have agreed to receive shop updates and promotions & whose account is registered with mobile or have updated phone number in their account
    • SMS fee will be charged separately from your plan subscription fee. For more details, please contact Online Merchant Success Team. 



Step 3

After choosing a message channel, you should create the content of the broadcast message. Please remember to fill in all the fields. 

  • Message Title
    • with limit of 80 characters
  • Message Content 
    • for SMS: max. of 160 English characters or mix of 70 English and Chinese characters is allowed per SMS; message with characters exceeding the limit will be sent out with more than 1 SMS
    • for Facebook Messenger & email: no word limit
  • Message Setting
    • Send Immediately: broadcast message will be sent out immediately; cannot be edited or cancel
    • Preset Time: You can schedule a broadcast message to be sent out on a hourly basis. Before the scheduled time arrives, you can still edit the content and settings of the message or cancel the broadcast.

*Note : if you create email broadcast, you can upload images, add URL links or edit text format in Message Content. 


Step 4

You can also set the target of the broadcast message.

We provide a variety of filters for you to filter out the customers that you intend to send the broadcast message to. 

(Coming soon)

If you select multiple filters, the broadcast message will be delivered to customers who match ALL the filter conditions. 

A total count of eligible audience will be shown. 


The total number of recipients can be large, please beware of the potential fee incurred (for SMS channel).


Step 5

After hitting the "Send" button, you will be directed to the Broadcast listing page

  • for "Send Immediately" message: the status will be shown as "Sent" , and you can only "View" the message
  • for "Preset Time" message: the status will be shown as "Pending" , and you can still be able to "Edit" the message or "Cancel" the broadcast message




For "Preset Time" message, after you have cancelled sending, you can also delete the message from the broadcast list. You will be asked to confirm this action. Once you confirmed, the broadcast message cannot be restored or viewed again.



[Coming Soon] How to copy broadcast message

Step 1 : Go to "Customer Management" > "Broadcast Center". Select broadcast message and click "Copy"


Step 2 : After press "Copy", will create a message which Message Title and Message Content is same as original one.



Step 3: This message will not copy Message Setting and Target group . Please reset message setting and target group, and you can sent this broadcast message.


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