Sales & Promotions: Bundle Pricing


When planning different promotional campaigns, SHOPLINE's "Sales & Promotion" features can help you to maximize your sales and profit. This article will introduce "Bundle Pricing", you can offer customers bundle pricing promotion to encourage them purchasing more products.


The following article will introduce:


A. Setting Steps

Step 1:Go to "Sales & Promotions" Tab

> Select "Bundle Pricing"



> Click "Add" to create new promotion



Step 2: Fill in the General Information

a. Promotion Name:

Promotion name will be displayed on the checkout page.

e.g. "Bundle Pricing: Buy 3 for $999"


b. Set Event(s) and Condition(s)

    e.g. Buy 3 for $999, Buy 6 for $1800

Please Note:

(1) Bundle Pricing allow at most 10 tiers of settings but DO NOT allow stackable settings.

  e.g 1: If "3 items for $999" promotion are set, when purchased 6 items, it will not count as
$1998 for 6 items automatically (unless you have set up the 2nd tier for 6 items). System will
count the highest price of 3 items for $999, the rest 4 to 6 items will count as original price.

e.g 2: If "3 items for $999, 6 items for $1800" promotion are set, when purchased 9 items, it will
not count as $999 + $1800. System will count the highest price of 6 items for $1800, the rest 7
to 9 items will count as original price.

(2) Item conditions do not need to set in multiples, you can offer discounts for "3/4/5 items".


C. Select Products Eligible for Promotion:

You can filter the product categories or search by product name, keywords, tags or SKU and click "Search" button to add "Selected Products"

(1)Search product by name

(2)Filter products by category

(3)You can select ALL products in the page



Step 3: Set Target Group

- You can set the promotion to be exclusive for Logged in members.
- Default value is "All Customers", which means the promotion is for all customers.
- Change the options into "Members" to activate the member-exclusive promotion.
- Select the options into "Specific Membership Tier(s)" to activate the membership tier(s)-exclusive promotion.
- Once enabled, you can also choose to limit the promotion can be used ONCE or with unlimited use for logged in members.





Step 4: Set Benefits & Criteria

Promotion Limitations:

1.Start Date: Default value is TODAY. Start time at 00:00 TW/HK time (GMT+8).

2.End Date: Default value is "Never expires". You can unchecked the "Never expires" checkbox and then able to set End date of the promotion. End time at 23:59 TW/HK time (GMT+8).


Step 5: Set Valid Payment & Delivery Options

All payment methods are defaulted to be valid for the new promotion. If you wish to exclude certain payment option(s) to be valid for the promotion, you can unselect the related payment methods.

After the setting is completed, click "Preview the Discount Promotions" in the lower right corner.




Step 6: Preview & Publish the Discount Promotion

After you preview and confirm the settings are all correct, please click "Confirm & Publish the Discount Promotion.


Please Note:

  1. Bundle Pricing will be applied automatically, there is NO coupon setting for Bundle Pricing at the moment.
  2. Different Bundle Pricing campaigns CANNOT include the same selected product unless they have different promotion validity period and Target Groups.
  3. Bundle Pricing and Selected Products Promotion can be set up with the same set of products, the system will automatically decide whether to apply according to the following rules.




B. Bundle Pricing Rules

1.Product-Level Apply Priority:
Bundle Pricing → Selected Products Discount Promotion

  • Products that have been applied bundle pricing offer CAN NOT apply selected products discount. (Coupons for selected products discount CAN NOT be applied either.)
  • Products that have not been applied bundle pricing offer CAN apply selected products discount according to the Rationale of how selected products promotion Applies in Cart.
  • Bundle Pricing Promotions will be applied in the order of different customers status: Specific membership tiers> Basic membership> All customers

2.Bundle Pricing & Add-on & Free Gift & Free Shipping can be applied at the same time.

  • Products with add-on CAN apply bundle pricing offer.
  • Products that have been applied bundle pricing offer CAN apply for free gift & free shipping at the same time.


3. Bundle Pricing Product Apply by Priority: From High to Low Price

  • If the number of products that have been added into shopping cart is greater than bundle pricing's settings (eg, 5 products added into cart/ bundle pricing is $100 for 3), the products with higher price will fall into bundle pricing automatically. System will determine whether the rest of the items (with lower price) can apply for other promotions.

  • If the subtotal price of bundle products are less/cheaper than bundle price offer, the system will not apply for the bundle pricing promotion. The system will determine whether the products can apply other types of promotion.


4. Order-Level Discount% will NOT Apply to Bundle Products 

  • Order-Level Purchase Condition
    • Over Minimum Amounttotal price of main product - Bundle Pricing Discount - Selected Product Discount +total price of Add-on product
    • Over Minimum Itemstotal number of main Product Items which includes bundle products but exclude add-on products.
  • Order-Level Event Type 
    • Discount %:not apply to bundle products
    • Discount Amount:order get discount amount
  • e.g. Discount % over Minimum Amount
    Product A                $300 Bundle Pricing(Buy 3 for $999)
    Product B                $350 Bundle Pricing(Buy 3 for $999)
    Product C                $400 Bundle Pricing(Buy 3 for $999)
    Product D                $200

    Bundle Pricing(Buy 3 for $999) Discount:(300+350+400)-999=51
    Order-Level(over $1000 get 10% off) Discount: 200 * 10% = 20
    *Because 999+200=1199 is over 1000, the condition of "over $1000 get 10% off" is met but only non-bundle product(D) can get 10% off.
    *Suggest to remind customer about this limitation. 

  • e.g. Discount amount over Minimum Amount

Product A                $300 Bundle Pricing(Buy 3 for $999)

Product B                $350 Bundle Pricing(Buy 3 for $999)
Product C                $400 Bundle Pricing(Buy 3 for $999)
Product D                $200

Bundle Pricing(Buy 3 for $999) Discount:(300+350+400)-999=51
Order-Level(over $1000 get $100 off) Discount: 100
Because 999+200=1199 is over 1000, the condition of "over $1000 get $100 off" is met then order get $100 off directly (no matter the order is including bundle products)




C. Checkout Page Display

When customer add bundle pricing products into cart, applied promotion and discount will be displayed on checkout page. If customer updates products inside the cart, checkout page will update the promotion and discount information immediately.

We'll introduce some cases below:

a. Shopping cart items that cannot fulfill Bundle Pricing Condition

Add 2 selected products of bundle pricing, it cannot fulfill the bundle offer condition of items. The shopping cart will not apply the bundle offer.



b.Reach Bundle Pricing Condition

Follow example A, add one more item (Foundation) into cart. The Cart can then reach "Buy 3 for $999", customer can see the shopping cart had been applied for the bundle offer. The discount will be shown as deducting $151, as the regular price(350*2+450)-bundle price(999)=151



c.Apply Higher Price Product

Follow example B, add one more item (Cleansing Oil) into cart. The cart had fulfilled "Buy 3 for $999". As the price of Cleansing Oil is higher than Foundation, so the system will get the most expensive product into the bundle offer:

"Cleansing Oil*2+Foundation*1" applied for the bundle offer, the discount will then updated from $151 to $251, as regular price(450*2+350*1)-bundle price(999)=251

Meanwhile, the Foundation which is non-bundled will be shown separately in another row. Customer can see which products have been applied to bundle pricing.



d.Reach Second Tier Bundle Pricing Condition

Follow example C, add 2 more items (Foundation) into cart. So there are "Cleansing Oil*2+Foundation*4" in cart, and it had reached the second tier condition "buy 6 for $1800". Customer can see the applied promotion updated to "purchase 6 items of selected products for $1800". Discount will also be updated to $500, as regular price(450*2+350*4)-bundle price(1800)=500


e. When more item added to the cart, if the requirement stays the same, the discount will also remain the same

Follow example D, add one more item (Foundation) in cart. Now there are 7 items in the cart, but still "Cleansing oil*2+Foundation*4" reach the condition of "buy 6 for $1800". The foundation which is non-bundled will be shown separately in another row, discount remains $500.





D. Admin Display

  • Bundle tag will show on product title which has been applied to bundle pricing
  • Bundle pricing promotion name will show in the discount detail
  • If only partial items of selected product applied for bundle pricing promotion,
    • Admin> Order> Product Detail
      The product will be separated into TWO rows from bundle to non-bundle items (same as checkout page displayed)
    • Admin> Order > Invoice/Packing Slip/Stock Packing List
      The product will be shown in ONE row instead of being separated into two rows.

eg. in the below case, 4 Foundation had been applied for bundle pricing and 1 Foundation is excluded.




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