Select All Items Across Different Pages



Previously in admin panel, merchants can only select all items on current page, if bulk action is needed for items more than a page, users will have to repeat same action on every page.

SHOPLINE has released a new select all function, users are able to select different items across pages and execute bulk action all at once.

Current support: Product Inventory Management


The following will take “Product Inventory Management” for instance:

After selecting the “Select All” check-box on top of the product list, you will see “Select all items from your store” at the right side. After pressing it, all the items in your store will be selected.


You could also set a filter condition in advance, then select all items under the filtered condition.


After selecting the items, you could execute bulk actions. Update will be executed and it may take a few minutes to complete.

Since the bulk action started, update will be executed and cannot be stopped, so please noted that:

  1. Do not assign multiple staff to execute the same bulk action at the same time as bulk actions started by different staff will be counted separately.
    For example: All the inventory quantity will be added for 100, but staff A and B execute the same action at the same time separately, all the inventory quantity will be added for 200 eventually.
  2. If you have many products in your store, it may take a few minutes for system to update. Please be patient and do not execute the same bulk action during the update.
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