Sales & Promotions: Checkout Limitation to One Coupon

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1. Settings:

Please go to [Promotions & Reward] > [Promotions] from the menu bar and click "Promotion Settings".


Once you enable this feature, customers can only apply one coupon when they place an order.




1.  Turn OFF Checkout Limitation to One Coupon

Product-level/Order-level/Free gift/Free-shipping promotion COUPONs can be applied at the same time when the shopping cart is meet the purchase condition.

2. Turn ON Checkout Limitation to One Coupon

No matter the type of coupons (Product-level/Order-level/Free gift/Free-shipping promotion), the shopping cart could only apply ONE COUPON for each order.

*Please Note: Auto-Apply Promotion is not effected by this function.

In the below case, the “VIP001” coupon is already applied to the shopping cart.
If customers want to apply another coupon “VIP002”, system will alert “Other Coupon has been applied. Please Remove it to apply new coupon”


*Please note:

  1. Customer has already applied two coupons to the shopping cart when “Checkout Limitation to One Coupon” function is OFF.
  2. Then merchant turn ON  “Checkout Limitation to One Coupon” function, the two coupons won’t be automatically removed from the shopping cart, customer can still proceed to checkout.
  3. Follow the above case, system will alert if customer try to apply the 3rd coupon.
  4. Moreover, if customer REMOVE the two coupons that have been applied to the shopping cart, he/she cannot add back these two coupons together since only one of the coupons can be applied to cart.





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