SF Express Auto Delivery Feature

4.SHOPLINE_Support_EC_SC.png*This feature is supported in yearly plan only

SHOPLINE Hong Kong merchants who are using our yearly Advanced Plan or Premium Plan can now use our SF Express Auto Delivery Feature! Business Registration is required for application. Interested parties can contacted SHOPLINE thru admin panel for more details.

SHOPLINE will activate the options for qualified merchants.

This article will introduce the following:

Feature Highlight

  1. Generate the SF Express waybill number at SHOPLINE dashboard
  2. Print the waybill with a click of button. No more handwritten waybill
  3. Shipping statusis automatically updated, and customers will be notified


Delivery Procedure



STEP 1 :Execute Shipment

A. Merchant can execute shipment per order or in batch

For the “Non-executed” orders under “SF Express – Order Management”, merchant can get the waybill number for the selected orders

  • Single Order(Order > Delivery details):



  • In Batch(SF Express – Order Management > Non-executed):



* What does Execute Shipment mean?

When you execute shipment, order information will be sent to SF Express system and waybill number generated. The order’s shipment status will become “Shippable”.

Merchant can now print the waybill and let the SF Express staff to pick up for delivery.


STEP 2 :Print Shipment Label

When an order is “Shippable”, merchant can print the shipment label and let the SF Express staff to pick up the delivery.


A. Printing label for a single order:

In the order detail page, click “Print Labels” at the top right-hand corner



After clicking “Print Labels”, there will be a pop-up message. Click “OK” and print the label.



B. Printing labels in batch

Under “SF Express – Order Management”, select the waybills you would like to print under the “Shippable” tab, and print the labels.



STEP 3 :Mailing the Package / Calling for Pick-up Service

A. Mailing the Package

Merchant can take the package and drop it off at any SF Express service points. Here’s the list of the service points


B. Calling for Pick-up Service

Merchant can also call the SF Express hotline (+852 27300273) for a pick-up service


Product Restriction

For detail, please refer to the Terms & Conditions of SF Express

  1. It is classified as hazardous material, dangerous goods, prohibited or restricted articles by International Air Transport Association, International Civil Aviation Organization, any applicable government department or other relevant organization
  2. The goods are classified as dangerous goods or SF believes that it cannot be carried safely or legally, including but not limited to animals and parts thereof, currency, bearer instruments, negotiable instruments, counterfeit goods, precious metals and stones, firearms and parts thereof, ammunitions, human remains, pornography, illegal narcotics/drugs; or
  3. Receiver’s address is incorrect, incomplete or not properly marked or Shipment’s packaging is defective or inadequate to be carried safely with ordinary and reasonable care. SF shall have the absolute right to deal with the Shipment as it sees fit, including destroy any unacceptable Shipment as specified in this clause.






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