Subscription Order Gifts Settings


*Note: The Product Subscription is an additional paid module. Please contact the Online Merchant Success team for more information and pricing details.

You can add free gifts in specific subscription to make customer keep on ordering, and not to end subscription.


Step 1:SHOPLINE Admin > Products & Categories > Free Gifts

Click “+Add” to add a free gift.

For further information, please refer to Sales & Promotions: Free Gifts Promotion Settings.


Step 2:SHOPLINE Admin > Order Management > Product Subscription Management

Click “Setting Subscription Gift”



Step 3:SHOPLINE Admin > Order Management > Product Subscription Management > Setting Subscription Gift


1.Click “+Add”



2.Enter “amount” and “specific subscription”, then click “Select”



3.Select a gift, then click “Save”



4.Click “Update” to save your changes


After you complete setting, customer will get free gift in specific subscription.


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