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SHOPLINE_All-Plan.jpgWith Facebook Business Extension (FBE), you can integrate your shop with your Facebook account, Facebook page, and Facebook pixel. With the integration, you can sync the products in your shop to your Facebook page, which saves the time of uploading products to your Facebook page. Also, you can place Facebook ads in a more convenient way. Below we will show you how to use the feature!



The setup procedures of Facebook Business Extension

Step 1: Begin the setup

Log in to admin panel, click "Marketing & Tracker" > "Marketing" and you will see the "Facebook Business Extension (FBE) ". Click "Install Plug-in" to start the setup.EN_Step1-1.png


Then, you will see a popup window, press "Next" to proceed.EN_Step1-2.png


Step 2: Choose a Facebook Page

Choose the Facebook Page you want to connect in the drop-down list or create a new Facebook Page if you do not have one. After that, click "Next". EN_Step2.png


Step 3: Choose a Facebook Pixel

Choose the pixel in the drop-down list, then click "Next".EN_Step3.png


Step 4: Import Your Products to Facebook

The system would import your products to your Facebook page by default. If you do not want the products in your shop to be imported to your Facebook page, please turn the option "Page Shop" off.  EN_Step4-1.png

You may then click "Finish". When the settings are completed, you will see a pop-up window telling you that the setup is completed. You may click "Continue" to let the products syncing starts. Please be noted that the products would usually be synced to Facebook within 24 hours. 


After all, you will see below screen. On this page, you can install Messenger Chat to your shop. Please refer to our FAQ: Facebook Customer Chat Plugin  for more details. (*This feature is open for selected plans only)EN_Step4-3.png



Check / Edit the settings

After setting up FBE, go to "Marketing & Tracker", click "Manage Settings" and you will see a pop-up window. In the pop-up window, click "Advanced Options". In this section, you will see the summary telling you which page and pixel have been integrated. Also, it would tell you the latest update of your products. mceclip0.png

1. Edit Facebook pixel

Once the setting is done, you can see the "Facebook pixel" has been connected for you in "Marketing & Tracker" > "Tracker Settings".EN_Step6-1.png

If you need to update the Facebook Pixel, please go back to "Marketing & Tracker" > "Marketing", click "Manage Settings" to access the settings of FBE. 


Then, click "Facebook Pixel" and you will be able to "Edit" the Facebook pixel. EN_Step6-2.png


2. Check your products in Facebook

 If you want to check whether the products are imported to Facebook, simply click "See your products on Facebook" in "Your Products".  If the products are imported to Facebook successfully, you can start creating product sets and place ads!EN_Step6-3.png 


3. Check your products on your Facebook Page

 When your products are imported to your Facebook page successfully, you will see a new tab "Shop" appearing on your page. In this tab, you will see the details of imported products. Your customers can click the button"Check Out On Website" to purchase the product in your shop. EN_Step7-2.png



1. If I have installed Facebook Pixel in my store, can I still use this feature?

Yes, sure you can. The pixel installed in tracker settings will be replaced by the default pixel which is linked up with Facebook Business Extension automatically. 


2. If I have installed two sets of pixel events in my store, can I still use this feature?

Yes of course you can! The first set of pixel tracking event will be replaced the one added by FBE; while the second pixel will not be affected at all. For examples, originally you have installed Pixel A and Pixel B in tracker settings. Then in Facebook Business Extension, you linked up Pixel C. In this situation, Pixel A will be replaced by Pixel C, while Pixel B is still there. 


3. Is Facebook Business Extension open to all plans?

Yes, merchants in ALL plans can use Facebook Business Extension. However, the number of products imported to Facebook is limited in some plans:

Premium Plan or above: All products would be imported
Basic / Advanced Plan: Only the 10 newly added products in the default product category "Feature Products" would be imported

4. Would the variations of product display in the Facebook Product Panel?

Your products would show as the individual main products with variations in the Facebook Product Panel and the variations would be folded in the product list. 

In the Facebook Catalog, we would put ALL variants as individual "products" so that Facebook would understand how many items in your shop for sale and assist with the product sales/conversion tracking, optimizing ads deliverability and effectiveness of Dynamic Product Ads. 


5. If I have manually uploaded my products to Facebook Shop, can I use the Facebook Shop feature provided by SHOPLINE to auto-sync the product status/inventory?

Yes, you can! If you have uploaded products to your Facebook page manually, you will see a reminder "This Page already has a shop. Any existing products will be deleted and replaced by the products in this inventory." when you switch on the "Page Shop" tab in Facebook Business Extension. 

Products imported to Facebook shop by Facebook Business Extension would be updated automatically. Therefore, if there are changes in product details, like inventory, price, product name, etc., you do not need to update it manually in the Facebook shop. 
*Product Catalog will be uploaded once a day by default. 


Cancel the linkage of Facebook Business Extension

If you want to cancel the linkage of Facebook Business Extension, you may simply click "Unlink my account" in "Marketing & Tracker" > "Marketing" to unlink it. 



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