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Zotabox offers over 20 tools in one package to boost your sales and increase subscribers and followers. Available tools include custom popup windows, Facebook messenger, header bar, and email subscriber box. You begin setting up all of these features by simply installing the Zotabox app in SHOPLINE Admin. 


This article will cover the following:


⚠️ Before you start, please be reminded that: 

  • The Zotabox platform currently does not support a Chinese interface.
  • Upon entering the Zotabox platform, the system will automatically create an account and link it to the "store email" of your shop. It does not support changing the account you bind. If you already have a paid Zotabox account, please ensure that the store email matches your paid account for smooth integration.

1. Installation steps

Step 1

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Apps] > [Apps Store] and find and install Zotabox. 




Step 2

Once you have successfully installed Zotabox, click on Go to Zotabox



Step 3

Once you have connected to Zotabox, click Authorize.



Step 4

After you have authorized Zotabox, you will be taken to the Zotabox dashboard page. At the top right of the window, you will be able to see how many days are remaining on your free trial, as well as view options for paid plans.



Step 5

To begin using Zotabox, click on any of the features in the menu on the left. In this example, we will set up an Easy Popup. 



Step 6

Before you can start using Zotabox, you will need to click Next through 1–9 of the guidance popups until you reach "Start 30 days free trial". 



Step 7

To add a customized pop-up to your SHOPLINE store using Zotabox, select the Customize Popup tab.8.png

  1. Choose one of the supplied background images or click Upload Image. You can use the Overlay Color slider to change the overlay color's transparency. Use the Fields slider to change the tone and color of text and other elements.  11.jpg
  2. Under Choose Template, choose either a Promotion, Email Capture, Clickable Image or Custom HTML template. 
  3. Type and format the text you want to appear on your popup in the box in the Customize Message field.
  4. In the bar on the right, you can change preview the different popup templates, as well as select the popup's size and the font. 12.jpg


Step 8

You can adjust where, when, how, and to whom the popup will be shown on your site by going to the Display Options tab. Once you are happy with your settings, click SAVE.




Step 9

After you decide on the format and settings for your popup, turn the Easy Popup toggle switch at the top of the window to ON, then click SAVE at the top right.



Step 10

Once you have saved your settings in Zotabox, return to SHOPLINE Admin and view your store. You will now be able to see the popup you just created in Zotabox at your storefront.


2. Notes

If you need to adjust your Zotabox account due to binding errors or other reasons, please conform to the following steps.

  • The system will automatically log you out if the Zotabox account is deleted/removed from Admin.
  • Go to SHOPLINE Admin and "uninstall" the Zotabox app.
  • Open an "incognito window," log in to SHOPLINE Admin, and reinstall the Zotabox app.
  • Continue with this "incognito window" and reopen the app and Zotabox should be accessible again. 




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